Saturday, June 10, 2006

cont....from last post..

Ok so here are the layouts I have done this week. Its now letting me upload some pics....
Unconditional Love... A scrap lift from the new freestyle book. Loved the big heart on Jenn Bertsh layout. Page 78 for those playing at
All about me ... Is for a online comp at Arty Pants. The monogram "c" paper clip was made for me in a online swap at the Scrap Heap. Thank you... ( not sure who made it??)

And also on on Soccer star NOT. The little star paper clip was also made from the online swap so thank you again.......

Last but not least Chubba sitting up all by herself....

Sorry about the two posts...But blogger wouldn't upload these pics for me on the last post..

catch ya all later....


Another lazy Saturday..I wish!!!

I got to sleep in this morning.. Until 7am. So excited. Its amazing how 1 hours extra sleep can make you feel. My big news.. I have BROADBAND!!!!. Yes I know your thinking a bit behind in the times. I just never got around to getting hook up in QLD, and the other day I was bored and said stuff it and rang up Telstra and got t all hooked up. I was up and running last night and oh my god WOW, how fast is it!!!! I'm so excited. I can even talk on the phone and surf the net..LOL.. I know you all know that but for me its all very NEW!!!
Right now I really have to get off my super fast internet and start getting the day started!!!. I have got rent to pay and bills to pay (good I hate bills) and Keenan has golf this afternoon. Plus the usual stuff.. HOUSEWORK. God does it ever end? No sooner do I finish one job another is waiting to be done. And people say that SAHM just sit on their butts watching Opera all day. I don't think so. I wish I
My beautiful little baby girl Chubba ( Chubba is Jorja's nickname, the name has stuck that the poor girl only answers to Chubba now!!!) is now crawling up on all fours and getting around the house so much quicker. And she loves my scrapping area!!!!. She is also sitting up all by herself.

Why do they have to grow up so quick? I pretty sure I said something like that on a previous post, but I still wonder why. Time just seems to fly by.
Chubba is looking more and more like Mark everyday. And her personality is Mark all over. This is one little girl who knows what she wants and most of the time its NOW!!
Chubba has also started reaching out to me to be picked up and cuddled. God I love that. The first time she done it I almost cried. And she gives the best cuddles!!!
We might be moving yet again!!. Marks boss has put the shop up for sale and when they sell Mark will be moved to his new Stud Park shop. So we will need to move closer.
I'm looking forward to it to be honest. I'm not really happy living in Carrum Downs. With shootings happening around the corner and a strange guy running around with a hand bomb thing, I don't feel really safe. And poor Maxie is no guard He licks people to death. But he must look scary cause my postie is scared of

I'm trying to upload some more pics but for some reason they wont load up. This happened to me on the last post as I was trying to load up some layouts. Not sure what is going on but I can only get one pic up at the moment....
I will leave it at that and see if I can get them up in another post. If any bloggers out there know whets going on please let me know!!!!!


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Very long time no post..

Its been ages since I have dropped by. To be honest I really couldn't be bothered to type a post. How lazy is that! In news My friends Shelley and Bruce had their baby GIRL last Friday. congrats guys. I wish u all the happiness in the world. But I still don't know what the new little angels name is!!! Let me know soon guys I'm dying to find out!!!
Soon my Aunty and Uncle will be moving way up to the top of Queensland. Its funny we move back from Queensland and the family is slowly moving up Could it be me?
Aunty Vicki and Uncle Trev I wish you all the best in your new adventure!!! We will have to catch up before you leave town!
And also I want to say a BIG hello to my cousin April all the way up in Cairns. I hope you are feeling much better!!!

We are now going though the last of all the "stuff" for the sale of our house. Not long now. Hanging for the day its all over with.
Keenan has started golf lessons!!!.. His choice. And he LOVES it. I feel a little strange sitting at the golf course every week as all the mothers play golf in the ladies comp every Sunday. IDONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT GOLF!!!... The talk about there woods and irons... What "hole" the had trouble on etc and I don't have a clue.. lol. They even asked me to join in a game with them next Sunday.. I had to say no and I don't know the first thing about golf. Maybe I should take some lessons too. Keenan have given a couple of sports a try but he just got bored. Now I think he has found his calling. All he talks about is golf. Its so cute...
He has only one golf club at the moment a putter. But as we go on I will start to build up his set. (if that's what you call Here is a couple of photos from his first lesson...

Until next time