Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Would "LOVE" some feedback.... please....

(click on photo for a larger view)

What do you guys think???

Happy Wednesday... Keenan's home today!!.. i missed him..

take care


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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Part 2... THE PARTY!!!

WOW.. its already seems so long ago......
Well there are NO photos from the what kind of photographer am
i only have the day after shots to share with you...

Leading up to the party i was so stressed out.... just trying to get everything done.. but once we got under way i had a BALL.....

All the family started to arrive first.. and i was still in the shower getting I was still trying to get our "meat cutter" organized (yes we hired staff to help and my dear Mother was no where to be seen... major stress... Mark and the kids where ready... thank god...
Our front door got broken in all the drama of the finishing

But once people started to arrive i just seemed to relax and i started drinking.... good idea i say....I didn't really see Mark all night... we where both too busy playing host to everyone and trying to talk to all our guest...
But as the night wore on i was getting pretty oh man it was great to be drunk...
Then we start getting i promise the rude nits didn't start until most people had left... but about 12 there was about 10 of our CLOSET friends left so we pulled up a group of chair and drunk, mucked around, became very rude, laughed etc.. the best time....
To be honest i don't really remember alot about the party... it all seems like a huge blur.. and drinking wouldn't have
All i wanted was to get drunk with my friends and have a ball... and i did.. We did...
I got to bed around and Jorja woke up at 8am... how lucky am i....
A few people ended up sleeping over as it always happens so there where bodies everywhere and the mess WOW.... it too me days to clean it up....
but worth it all in the end..

We got the most amazing gifts.....i loved every single one of them.. just goes to show how well my family and friends know Mark and i... and we also got a HEAP of cash... still trying to work out what we are going to buy with it!!!

I remember at one stage just standing back.. taking a breath and having a look around and everyone was having a ball... laughing chatting it was great to see... but to me there was one thing missing... my brother....i didn't invite him.. but how do you invite someone who doesn't even know I'm alive
So i made hardest decision of my life and didn't invite him.. but this is something that will only happen once in a life time.. my engagement.. and i really felt that i couldn't do it... i am sick of being rejected all the time from him.. I'm sick of caring so much about him and his kids and only to have my heart ripped out...
so i decided.. this is mine and Mark's night... i don't want any family issues to spoil that.. so i didn't let that happen....
I did have his invite sitting here and a few days before i was just going to do it... but when he didn't bother to call, sms NOTHING for Jorja's birthday.. i knew how much he hates me...something i never thought would ever happen to a brother and sister....enough now.

so onto some after the party photos....

The mess inside was HUGE... lol....

Sorry if this post seems all over the place.. and doesn't make any sense at all.. but that's how the party was too me... an all over the place no sense heap of FUN and LAUGHS!!

I would really like to thank my Mum for all the hard work she done for us and a huge thanks to Shelly and Bruce for flying down from Sydney to be with us
and to everyone who came... i really hope you all had fun.. because Mark and i did!!!

Have a great Tuesday everyone... Keenan's on camp... so its very quite here ATM..


Monday, November 26, 2007

oops forgot to add my

I have updates some more photo's from Will's Gallery

check them out here....... Connie Hatch Photography.....

I have been super busy this weekend.....

Keenan is off on his first SCHOOL CAMP this morning so i will update again
later today!!

i have heaps to catch up on let me tell you!!!

Take care


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mrs. Will.....

I have a little sneak peak for you!!!...

boy i love this teasing

go HERE to check it out!!!

I promise they wont be long!!

And Yes i know i still need to add part 2... i have a heap of editing to catch up
on before this weekend's shoots....

Take care


Monday, November 19, 2007

First Quilt.....

To share with you all my very first FINISHED quilt!!!... YEAHHHHH

I'm really really happy with this... and YES its a bit how you going in parts.. but its mine and i made it with my own hands..
It's a baby blanket for Jorja's baby dolls....

I have brought all the fabric for Jorja's quilt now... so I'm going to finish my Christmas runner this week and then we start the BIG one!!!

Back soon with part two... "the party"....

I just wanted to give my quilt its very own post!!!...

have a GREAT Monday everyone!!!


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Saturday, November 17, 2007

calling SHELLY and BRUCE...

head over HERE for a sneak peak!!!

more to come soon i promise!!!!


Friday, November 16, 2007

part one!!

I have so much to catch up on that i will will do each post in
it will be so much easier!!

Jorja's Birthday!!!

My sweet girl as you properly already know turned the big 2 last week!!
I just can't believe how fast it all goes... i mean she is 2 WOW...
And with each day she is growning and learning so much.. right now she is sitting onto he floor next to the computer "changing her baby alives nappy".. She has pulled the nappy off... got the "baby alive nappy wipes" and wiped her bum, some fake powder has been put on and now she is trying so hard to put the nappy on... even looking at her "own" nappy for
Anyway, last Thursday we had a quite birthday for Jorja... just a few close friends and my mum came over for a simple BBQ and some cake... i loved it... really relaxing and Jorja had a ball getting all her pressie's... She has that un wrapping down pat now!!..
Mark and i got her a Dora kitchen set... which is UNREAL.. and i caved and brought her a Baby Alive... which i am so very impressed with.. that doll is amazing...and of course i HAD to buy all the "extras" to go with the Baby

Now the cake... YES thats a "cars" cake you All she wanted was cars..I think my little girl maybe a tom boy at too cute!!!

I have been so super busy lately... its not funny.... My photography business is going really well....fingers crossed it continues into the new year!!
I have two bookings this weekend..plu one shoot still to edit!!.. but to me its not work... i really love taking photos and then sitting down late at night and playing around with the... ooo so fun!!!
if you would like to check out what i have been up too.. the link is in my side bar!!!

I have also finished my first QUILT!!!.. yes you heard that right... well its a baby blanket quilt.. start small... But i have already brought all the fabric for the quilt i will be making for Jorja's room.... so stay turned for that...
I will share a photo of my baby quilt next post!!!

I also won a PAY IT FORWARD over on Mel's blog....

here are the details

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The first three to leave a comment!!!.....

thats it from me for today... back soon with part 2...

have a great hot Friday..... I LOVE THIS WEATHER!!!!!.... bring on the heat!!

take care


Thursday, November 08, 2007


the big 2


This was the best photo i could get this morning!!.. with her new handbag from June and new pretty hair ties!!!!

Back after our party.... wish us luck!!!

take care


Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Please please if i EVER say that i am going to have a party again...


I have just been flat out trying to get everything ready....I think the whole patio thing has thrown me out of my mind.. and NO its still not

The roof goes on this Friday.... the day before the party.. boy we are cutting it close... i haven't finished painting.. so please close your eyes at that

I went out shopping all day today.. buying supplies etc, ordering all the food plus buying heaps of birthday presents for Bella who just turned one and Caitlyn who just turned 3... and of course my baby girl who will be 2 tomorrow.. more on that then!!

I didn't end up finding a Cabbage Patch Kid with the same birthday.. not fair..

Tomorrow our friends from Sydney arrive so i am really looking forward to that
Friday Mum has the day of work THANK YOU GOD so we will be super busy getting the last minute stuff done...
and at some point i need to get my lawn mowed...grrrrrr

So back tomorrow with photos of my soon to be 2 YEAR OLD!!!

oh yeah.. i have just uploaded some photos over at my gallery of a beautiful family from the weekend...
look here........
HOW cute is little L he is such a spunk!!!

take care

ps.. crop for cure girls... if you would like a un edited copy of all the photos please email me and i will burn you a copy!!!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Still alive (i promise)

OMG.. my week has been so super busy... one minute i was coming home from a FANTASTIC day at CROP 4 CURE...
next thing i know its the following Sunday night!!!

This is just a super fast drop in just to let you all know i am still here... but

This week for me is so jam packed its not funny.. i don't even know where to start tomorrow morning....

Hopefully i will be able to post before the weekend.. so i can share all my photos from CROP 4 Cure.. (sorry ladies).. i really haven't had a chance to look at them yet!!

But i will leave you with this....

you will find more HERE.. and trust me take a look!!!!

bye for now.. have a great week!!!!