Wednesday, March 28, 2007

OHHH Where have i been....

Playing tour guide!!!!
Sorry its been another week since i blogged... My in- laws are still here and we have been having a BALL!!!.....
I am so worn out its not funny... and i think i have put on 10kgs in the past week from eating out at all the yummy cafes we have found on our
But more on that stuff later... i have heaps of photos to share.....

But im here to share some BIG news!!!!!... well it is to us ( and no im NOT

Well Mark, my sweet man... has been wanting to buy into a race horse for many years now... he just loves everything about racing, horses, etc....


Last Friday.... we brought a share in a race horse!!!.... so excited... but thats not
we also brought a share in another race so we own

We brought in with 4 other people... really good friends of ours... one of which is a trainer and the other is a former Jockey!!!!

So with out further a do....... here are the NEW members of our and im am already so in love with my babies....

First is " Flashy Dancer"... she has run only a couple of races... coming third place in one of those.... She doesnt have a stable name as yet... i know ...but we have been calling her "HORSE"... sad

And like me she hates having her picture taken... this is the best one i have so

and next i would like you all to met... the baby...our BIG boy....

Who doesnt have a name yet!!! But his stable name is "SULLY" ( as of yesterday anyway). Sully is only 3 years old and he is such a BIG boy.... He has never had a run as yet but is fully trained.. and oh soo sweet!!!

Cant wait until we all sit down and pick his racing name!!!....
So there you go my new
We are hoping to have Horse racing in about 12 weeks time... so i will keep you posted!!!!
Thanks for sitting though all my crap... We are just very excited about this!!!!
Take care... back soon with more photos and stuff!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm Back!!!

Hay bloggers... I'm back!!! after huge problems with telstra i finally have the Internet on!!!
WOOO HOOOO... I have so missed blog i have heaps of catching up to do!!!

Well the move went GREAT!! and i am so in love with my new house and furniture!!!....
Still heaps of unpacking to do but i will get to it
I will share some photos of my house soon i promise!!!

Today Mark's Mum and sister arrive from QLD for a little Holiday... I'm pretty excited about this little trip!!

I have done some scrapping .. yes i have... a few pages where done b4 the move!! and i have done one since the move!!! so pretty happy with myself!!!

here goes....

And i would like to send out a HUGE CONGRATS to Jody (arty pants) and Jeff on the safe arrival of their NEW baby GIRL... Chelsea..... Congrats guys!!!!!

I have also update my photo blog... link in side bar so be sure to pop by.... here
The wonderful and very talented photographer Katie Toland
helped me out yesterday with some very cool photo shop tips!!!!

Thanks so much Katie for your time!!!... be sure to check out her beautiful work!!!!

Well that's it from me......

take care


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Good-Bye.... (4 now)

Just thought i would pop by and say Good-bye!!!.....
We take settlement on the new place this Tuesday... so god only knows when i will be back on line again!!

Today we spent the morning loading up TWO trailers of all our stuff... ready to take over on Tuesday morning... all my scrapbooking stuff in on there....booo hoooo!!

And today my plan is to finish of some of the kitchen and to pack up the computers!!!
We are trying to get all the Boxes and little stuff over this week so then on Sunday we only have the furniture to move!!.... And stupid us are having a little BBQ on Sunday to thank everyone for helping out... but i just keep on inviting people to drop so its kind of turned into a oh well it s all in FUN!!!...
I have my family coming up from Rosebud and a few friends as well!!!!

Then on Wednesday the 21st Marks Mum and sister are here from QLD for a week and a bit!!
So hopefully i can have most of the house step up before they arrive!!...
We also realised today we don't have a spare bed!! so at some point this week i have to go out and buy a bed!!!

so bid you all farewell!!!... i hope you all look after yourselves and i hope i don't miss out on too much in blog

Oh yeah I'm meant to be doing Kim Archers online not sure when!!!!

Chat to you all soon!!!...

And be sure to leave me a comment!!!...


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Finally Sharing!!!!

Hello blogger friends it been a few days but boy have i been super busy!!!! First I had my first ever job taking photos on Saturday night... I am so excited!!... I took photos at a joint 60th birthday party... What a great night and i am so happy with how my shots have turned out!!... I was so worried about the whole lighting thing but all is good!!
I haven't had a chance to edit my photos yet so i will share very soon!!!!
Then on Sunday we all piled into the car and head out to do some much needed furniture A lot of you may not know we have been living without a dining table for 12 months now and we also wanted to get a new low line tv unit for the new TV.......
We ended up the tv unit, square dining table ( which i just love), a Kitchen hutch thingy and a matching coffee table ( one of those box ones with the drawers).... Yes we went a little over what we wanted to spend by hay now we have a house full of furniture!!!!....
Well not yet its all getting delivered to the new place next Tuesday!!!
Specking of that... only one week ( to the day) when we settle!!!!... and still haven't finished my but i will do it!!!
Tomorrow we do the finial inspection and we are also taking the painter in so he can give us a quote.. he is going to paint next Wednesday!!!... busy busy busy let me tell you!!!
I m going to do feature walls in the living areas, Keenans room and Jorja's room and one in our bedroom. I went to bunnings yesterday and picked out all my colors!!..... will share photos when its all done... The painter is also covering up this very very ugly RED wall in the kitchen... not nice at all!!!!

We wont be "moving" in next Tuesday, we are going to take the week to slowly get in as Mark is at work all week, So Dad is coming up on Sunday (next) to move all the big stuff!!!
We dont have to be out of our rental until the 20th.. so heaps off time to move everything over ( i hope)
Today i went and finished off all the boring bank stuff... thank god that's over with!!!
An i'm trying to get a bit of play time in with my cuttle bug b4 i have to pack it all up... :(
So i will leave you with that i have bored you all enough with my moving crap!!....
Here's a couple of layouts

First lot are for my DT at Arty Pants... using a new line of papers "Rasberry".. very yummy....

And this one using "three Bugs"... just for FUN.. love this photo of Keenan and his great Gr amps!!!

And here are the only two projects i took photos off for my Paper Doll DT submission.....i forgot i took

First one was a challenge to use only black and white with a color photo.....

an the next was using a pack from Paper Doll.... using those products ONLY!!!... i found this one very hard!!!!... but i love how it turned out!!!

You can check out my other stuff over at Wendy's blog and of course my fellow DTer's work...
Or pop into Paper Doll and check it out!!!
Ok I'm off.... sorry about the long post!!!
Take care....

Friday, March 02, 2007

Look what I got today!!!!!

The NEW CUTTLEBUG!!!!!.....

so excited... i picked one up from Lincraft for only $99... bargain!!!!!

I had to get a couple of dies as well!!!!......
I was going to share some layouts today... but I'm off to play with my new toy!!!!

Back soon!!!

Have a great Weekend...

Oh yeah.. this week i got another layout picked up for Scrapbook Creations...issue 44... so keep your eyes out !!!,...... I 've had the best week!!!!... and no i haven't done anymore

Take care.....