Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Well this past weekend we finally went to the Crown Casino!!... after not being able to book in, and find the right weekend for my Mum to babysit we finally made it....

We left about lunch time on Saturday and picked up Mick and Nicole on the way ( Mark's Boss)!
We stayed at the crown Promenade which is the sister hotel to Crown Towers!!!
and all i can say is WOW.... Valet packing... which i think is very cool... bell our room was stunning! A bit on the small side but really really nice!!
As soon as we checked in we cracked open the Better make the most of this!!
By the time we headed over to Crown for dinner we all where pretty much

Nicole and I tryed a few cocktails.... so yummy and had the most YUMMY dinner i have ever had!!.. Well so it should be it cost an arm and a (thank god the boss was

Then it was time to hit the tables!!! Mark and i had saved up some money that we where happy to lose! Well Mark lost most of it in the first two so we where going pretty bad!

I had $100 left so we hit the Roulette table and within a few hours we WON it all back.. so pretty happy about that!

We drank, we chatted, we mucked around we had a BALL!!! I wish it never ended... But i missed my little kiddies so very much!! This was my first night away from Jorja, and yes i did ring and check up a few But she was having heaps of fun with Nanny!!!

some time in the early morning we headed back up to our hotel room...... and i will leave it but here is a photo off the view from our room.... Just beautiful!!!

Next morning we got up about 9am and went down to have the best brekky ive ever had... you name it they had it!!!..
It took Mark and I all day Sunday to recover from Saturday night and most of Not used to being a party animal anymore... But now its back to reality!!
Back to all the moving and packing and house stuff!!!
Today we are off the the bank to sign everything and do all that boring bank stuff and then we might do a bit of furniture shopping!! See how the time goes first!!
Only 2 weeks to go!!!
In scrapping news.....
I have been offered a place on the PAPER DOLL DT... SO EXCITED!!!!!... Thanks so much Wendy for giving me this chance and really looking forward to working with you!!!
I forgot to take photos off the DT stuff and its already at the shop!!!
But im pretty sure Wendy is going to share on her blog so check them all out!! I am going to be working with some amazing girls!!!... Link in my side bar!!
And i have finally scrapped a page!!!... will share later this week!!
Hope you all had a great weekend!!
thanks for stopping by
Take care...
ps be sure to pop over to my photo blog!!! Check out the photo's i took of Keenan the other day soooo very cool!!!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another Family birthday!!!

This is just a quick post to say a huge

My darling little nephew turns 3 today!!.....
I would love to share a photo of him...but you never know i may get SUED!!!

Blake i wish you all the happiness in the world and hope you got everything you have ever dreamed off today!!!!

Love you heaps little man.... and Keenan says a BIG hello to you and he misses you heaps!!!

he even named his tamagotchi after you... too cute!!!!

Not must has happened since my last post... Popped in to Paper doll yesterday and said hello to Wendy.. (hi Wendy)... I was really hoping the new basic grey would be in... no luck

And today Mum and I went on a little shopping trip... and for once i didn't buy
Trying to save some dollars for our BIG weekend away this week... can't wait!!!

Well I will catch up with you all soon... no scrapping to share... well no scrapping i can share YET!!

Take care...


oh yeah forgot to say... we finally brought a new TV.... so excited... flat wide screen LCD!!... and it sooo yummmy... we set it up and watched it for a few minutes and then put in back in the No point setting it here since we are moving in a couple of weeks!!!!

**you know who you are.... please don't come by my blog anymore.... my life is NONE of your business.......

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

lots to share!!!!

Well i will start off by saying a VERY HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to my darling little niece Jordyn!!
I wont get to see my only niece on her birthday (very sad- family issues), but i miss her so much... I miss getting to know her and i miss that she will never know her cousins!!

Here is a photo of Jordyn... taken sept last year... its the most recent one i have!!
Isn't she sooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!.....

Sorry had to REMOVE the beautiful photo of my Niece Jordyn!
but i will say...

Adults fight, family fight all the time... but its a very SAD day when people involve children!!

the kids should NEVER be involved..

edited...wednesday 21st feb......

Happy birthday sweet girl!!!!

My best friend Tania... gave birth to her second child last Thursday!!.. so very exciting!!

A beautiful little girl... Molli Bree.. and she is a sweet angel!!!

I went in and met Molli last Friday and took some photos of course....

so a big congrats to Tania Andrew and Tom (his a big brother now... too cute)!!

I still haven't done any packing or but i have manged to book a family trip away to Sydney in May... only for 3 days... but happy to be going away some
I got the travel bug after that booking so two days late i booked a trip for Marks Mum and younger sister to come down to Melb from Qld for a week!!... Very excited about this... they haven't seen Jorja for a year now!!... Pam and Lauren get here on the 21st of March... they day after we call me crazy but i don't care it will be great to see them both!!

Big family week this week.... Marks Dad and step Mum lyn... came up and stayed with us from Tassie!!!... They had both never met Jorja or Keenan and i had only every met them once about 5 years ago... so it was great to catch up...Both kids loved Frank... such a playful
We went out for a lovely dinner last night... had a few drinks... it was great...
When i got up this morning thay had both are back off to Tassie today!!!

So that pretty much all that's been happening the past week!!... Today im off to get my hair cut, SO again no packing as this weekend we are off to the Casino for the night!!!... really looking forward to that!!!

So hope you all have a great week... i will be back tomorrow!!

Take care....


Thursday, February 15, 2007


I couldn't believe it... Mark has NEVER been one to celebrate Valentine's Day... A big waste of money he always says....

But yesterday about 10:30am there was a knock at the door.. and i was on the there was a lady holding a BIG bunch of roses just for me!!!.. i nearly fell over!!!

Don't i have just the best MAN!!!!

They are soooo beautiful.. can't stop looking at i have taken about 20 photos of them to remember, as i really don't think this will happen

Well my week has been pretty sucky... (apart from yesterday morning).. On the weekend our back fences fell over... so now i have the next door neighbours dog popping over for a visit all day long... Nice dog!!.. but I'm just worried he may get out off our front gate!!

Then yesterday the lawnmower man came to mow the lawns... he didn't have the catcher on and Mark and i both said its a bit strange!!... then right then as he went past the lounge window a rock came flying up and smashed the bottom window... NOT HAPPY.. the landlord is coming tomorrow to look at the fence and that's all we needed... away to cut a long story short the lawnmower man thinks he didn't do it and wont pay for a new window... not even HALF!!!

So we sacked him.. and didn't pay for yesterdays job!!!....So this morning i rang around and its going to cost us $200 to get the window replaced!!!.... so NOT HAPPY!!!!
So that's what I'm doing now waiting for the window man to get here!!!

I still haven't done any more packing or have i done any scrapping!!!

So that's my week so nothing major but pretty sucky!!!
I cant WAIT to get out of this house!!!!....

Hope you all have having a GREAT week!!!.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Layout Share

Not much been happening around here... i have been scrapping when i should be really just cant get into it..... even the excitement of new house cant get me going....

Keenan is loving school so much... he is even doing his homework every night without a fight!!...

Jorja is speaking more and more everyday.... She is so funny sometimes, that i find myself just sitting there watching her laughing away at her funny ways.... She is right into dancing at the moment any kind of music .....she But when "don't feel like dancing" comes on... she goes "CRAZY" swinging her hips, shaking her butt, and bopping away....I just love it.

These are the times i wish i had a video camera!!!

Her favourite word is "daddy"... Jorja is daddy's little girl that's for sure... But she can also say..."MUM", "Whats that", "Seeya", "ta", "yeah" and i pretty sure she has started saying "up", but this has only happened the last few days!!....

Boy they grow way to fast!!!

Well.. that's it from me... My beautiful blue eyed Angel has just woken from her nap!

So i will leave you with a layout from the weekend!!

I just love leaving a "hang over" on my layouts lately.... too cool!!!!
Take care everyone....
and Please pop over to my photo blog and see some new photos of my baby girl!!!....
ps... Judy i promise i will be back soon with my tag!!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Well its official WE ARE MOVING!!!....AGAIN... i have already starting packing...again.. i only done this 12months ago pretty much to the day!! It is so not fun!!!!

We got notice to vacate about a month ago.. The owners want to move in... we have about 30 days left!!!.. So bring on the boxes.... bring on the cleaning...( im cheating and getting a cleaner bring on the trailer's...The question is where are we going??.....A lovely house in Skye!!!

So please send me all your moving wishes as i am going to need it!!!...

Done heaps of scrapping.. still cant share... sorry.. All DT stuff... trying to get everything out of the way so i can pack up my scrapbooking stuff.... now that will be a sad sad day!!!!

Here is a layout i done Thursday night.....

Keenan and my beautiful Nephew Blake... (miss you little guy!!!)

Well thats pretty much it from me... i lead a very exciting pretty boring if you ask me...LOL.....
thanks to everyone who pops by and read my guys ROCK!!!!
Fellow scrapper's please read my last post and jump on board and help us raise some money for Princess Rani!!!!... every little bit counts!!!!
Take care all.....
ps... also pop by and check out my photo blog!!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


My dear friend Mel Millar is raising money for the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, in honor of her beautiful sweet "princess" Rani. Rani passed away September 1st last year. 1 year old.

All monies raised will go to the Liver dept for research into her disease.

Princess Rani......

Mel's wonderful brother Steven is going to run 15 km in April to help raise funds for Rani....
More info on "run for kids" can be found here.

And that's where you guys come in!!!... Mel has set up a blog to start taking sponsors for Steven's run and to raise some much needed money to fund research.

Run for Rani

We are looking for scrapbookers to donate some time and complete a pre-scrapped page or OTP item so we can raffle off some prizes!!

If you can help out in anyway please email Mel
or you can email me at

If you would like to make a donation or sponsor STEVEN on his 15 km run please drop by Rani's blog.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Back to School...

Ok i know... it was last week... but i have been too lazy to post!!!...sorry...

So his my boy already for school!!... His in 3/4 this year and loving it!!!Loves his new teacher and has made heaps of new friends already.. and YES i have been keeping up with healthy lunches!!!!.....I'm such a good girl....

Soooo CUTE!!!!...
I have been scrapping heaps... and will share later in the week... i promise!!!
And also have some BIG news coming soon.... too early to share now!!!... maybe later in the week!!
Well that's it from me... short but sweet..
before i go i would like to wish my brother Martin a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!for today and also a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister in law Lisa who turns 30 today!!!!..too... funny hay!!!!
off to bed...
Take care
ps... photoshop month stamp is by Sarah.... her link is in my side bar!!!!