Saturday, December 29, 2007

My books are now OPEN!!!!

Connie Hatch Photography

I am now taking booking for sessions in 2008.....

My first available appointment will be on the 12th of January 2008...

for any inquires please email me at

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and have a happy new year!!


Friday, December 21, 2007


Today is the last day of school... and i decided to keep Keenan home for the day!!.. as much as he wanted to go.. i couldn't be bothered to be picking him up at 1:30 etc etc... just me being a lazy mumma

I have been so super busy its not funny... but i have news.... I HAVE FINISHED MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHH
Finished yesterday!!!

Marks family all arrive from Queensland this afternoon... so i have been super busy cleaning making the house look perfect... We also have our friend Jacinta here with us today as her Mum had to work and she has been a GREAT help with Jorja!!
Si i took us all down the shops to buy supplies for Rudolph Cookies which i found on Mel's blog.... great blog check it out!!!
And some yummy fish and chips for lunch!!!

HOW CUTE ARE THEY!!!... Rudolph cookies are now resting in the fridge ready to eat a bit later... yummmy..

This is really a good bye post!!... not forever just for the Christmas break... With the family arriving today i wont have anytime to blog...

so i want to wish all my friends a VERY VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a SAFE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

and i would like to thank you all for leaving me comments all though the year i just LOVE getting them.. so thank you very much!!!

I would also like to wish my brother a Merry and Safe Christmas as i wont be seeing him or the kids.. Please pass on my love to the kids and my brother... i really do miss you alot.....

So that's it for 2007.....

my love to each and every person... all the best for the festive season!!

SEE YOU IN 2008!!!!

take care


(lots a xmas kisses for you all.. be SAFE).......

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

Where have i been??... well i have been shopping, shopping and more shopping!!!.. i have finished my editing for the year and have closed shop until next year now!!
i am so over shopping its not funny.. and this is coming from the shopping queen... I'm sick of fighting the crowds, not finding what i want.. parking, Jorja is over sitting in the But i still haven't finished YET!!.. only a couple more to go which i hope to finish on Monday!!!

We all have been super busy... Mark is run off his feet at the shop.. Keenan had his end of school concert last week and i was so sick that i could only stay for his song and go... i can't share any photo because his whole class is in them....but just take my word for it he is the next he has the moves!!
We have had Christmas party after Christmas party.. that we have yet to have a family day together for over a month... every Sunday has been booked out!!
Tomorrow we are off to another Christmas party... Chinese in Richmond.. can't wait a night out for Mark and i with no kids... Mum is coming over to baby sit for us.. and the WHOLE night is paid for... YEAH.. how cool is that.. even a taxi from here to Richmond and back again... so we can all drink!!....

Last night i headed out to the Paper Doll Christmas party!!.. God i love those girls.. and i am so going to miss them.. As you all have heard by now Paper Doll is closing down.. my second home... MY WENDY... is leaving me... it so sad and i will miss everyone and EVERYTHING so very much!!!.. Wendy your friendship has been wonderful over that last year or so.. and i know it will continue.. but i will miss my drop in.. so watch out.. cause i know where you live...LOL....
I have also be SACKED from the Paper Doll DT... HOW RUDE!!!
and poor Wendy we have been hanging so much shit on her about Sorry Wendy you know we LOVE you!!!

So anyway last night... SO FUN!!!.. We done a KK.. and i got the most stunning picture frame from me sweet friend Vesna.... Thank you.. i love it and the cute little dolly pictures also!!!
Karen.. made me the most stunning little dove for my Christmas tree... You are so clever sweetie!!.. Thank you so much!!
and well as for Leeanne.. not much i can say about you cheeky girl!!!.
I really hope we can all get together again in the new year!!!

And a beautiful hand made card from Wendy....

I have done a little scrapping over the last few months... a whole two layouts and a mini HUGE!!... i will share my mini album next post as this is already getting to long!!!

the first one is a TOTAL scrap lift from the Designing with Calendar.. just to get me in the mood!!

I also have a few sewing projects on the go.. which i will share with you all soon....
Next week Mark's family all arrive from Queensland for two weeks!!.. it going to be so exciting to see them all again... we all can't wait!!... I have worked out where everyone is going to sleep... thank god...
So we will be spending Christmas at our place this year... 13 people.. OMG.. but thank god i have Mum and Pam (Mark's Mum) tp help out with the cooking.. should be a GREAT day!!!
The kids are getting excited.. Keenan can't wait for Santa and Jorja well she is scared of maybe next year!!
So i will leave you with some more Christmas photo's from around my house...
A reindeer made from Mel Goodsell's blog
My Christmas presents... and Christmas tags i am making...
Reindeer food for the kids...
And some hand made Christmas tree's from Mel also.. so CUTE!!!

That it from me... i have bored you all enough... thank you if you made it to the end without falling asleep!!

take care


Friday, December 07, 2007


edited to add please check out more here...

Connie Hatch Photography

back soon with a catch up....

I found an ANGEL....

A sweet ANGEL......

Don't tell anybody... this is a secret shoot a Christmas present!!...

Gallery wont be to much longer {A}... i promise!!!

Have a great Friday......

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas time at my place!!

Well... i finally got my tree up.. yesterday afternoon... after a HUGE day Christmas shopping with my friend Nic... what a day!!
I still feel like i have nothing done... i ended up buying more for the kids yesterday than anyone else... like the kids need any but every shop i went in there was a bargain to good to pass up.. and it was mostly on toys.. i am NEVER going into Toys R US again.. major damage in that

I have finally finished my Christmas table runner.. i am so happy... again very how you going in some parts and i wont let anybody look at it too
but happy that i made it all by myself with no help from anyone... i am really starting to enjoy this sewing stuff!!

Here is some photos of Christmas at our house this year!!!.....

Can you believe i am SICK... i have a pretty bad flu ATM.. feel like im going to die.. But i MUST solider on.. Christmas too much to do...
Tomorrow its the Shop's turn for a bit of Christmas cheer... i will take some photos for you and share....

I am off.... Hope you are all enjoying your day!!

Take care


Monday, December 03, 2007



more to see here.... Connie Hatch Photography

Been so super busy editing. general life.. just everything.. i will be back soon with a GOOD post.. i

My Sunday client has cancelled so if you are interested in a Christmas before Christmas drop me a line at
The session is for Sunday 8th Dec at 11am....

Hope all is well...
i really WANT to get my Christmas tree up!!.. hopefully TODAY!!!

take care