Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bad Blogger....

Sorry its been a while since I have dropped by....Have had a very sick household.
When one goes down the rest follow..Including me!!!!
And guess what...I'm still SMOKE FREE.... Yeah I am really excited.. Mark hasn't done so well.
Oh well. He is trying he best. I guess it's harder for him as his staff smoke at work.

In scrapping news... Arty Pants...What a FANTASTIC scrapping shop...WOW is all I can say.
If you haven't dropped by yet make sure you do and say hello to Jodie and Judy....
And I guess I'm allowed to tell now.... I am now a member of the Art Pants Design Team!!!!
I am so happy, excited, over joyed, excited, over the moon... To be apart of this wonderful team and wonderful shop. Thank you so much Jodie and Judy for giving me this opportunity and look forward to getting to know you both and working with you both!!!!

This is only a quick drop by... I plan on going to bed early tonight for a change.
Will leave you with one of the layouts I done this week...Will share more later..

Take care


Friday, July 21, 2006

Two weeks.....

It's been two weeks now since I have had a smoke!!! I'm so happy. But to be honest I don't feel any different!!!. Everyone told me how great and heathly I would feel, but I just feel like the same old me. Oh well. But I am still going to stay smoke free. I hope!!!!
Mark hasn't done well at all. His started buying packets now. So I guess I will just have to live with the fact he cant give up. But I've booted him outside now. And his NOT happy..LOL... Too cold.
Not much has happened this week. Finally got rid of Marks brother who was down from Queensland. I know that sounds mean...But 3 weeks of his crap, mess, lack of respect, swearing ALL the time ( im no angel, I swear too but not every second word!!), his lack of respect, oh yeah said that already. I guess it didn't help I was giving up the smokes as well, but I was losing my mind!! David you know we love ya..But oh my god!!, just stay a week next time!!!!!
Scrapping news.... Arty Pants is opening there brand new store tomorrow!!!! YEAH!!!
They are going to have heaps of great grand opening day specials, and for those who cant make it to there New shop, great online specials as well!!!!! So make sure you go and check them out.
They are at....Shop 65, Hampton Park shopping centre, or
I just wanna wish Jodie all the luck in the world for tomorrow, Its going to be great, and I will be popping in to check it all out for myself!!!!
I also took part in another Kim Acher online class on wednesday!! Just love my page.. Thanks so much Kim. Also a couple of other layouts I have completed this week!!!
Well that's it for me!!. Well post again tomorrow and spill all on the Arty Pants Grand Opening!!!
Cant wait... Make sure if you live the the Melbourne area to drop buy!!!!


Whats in a name?. This is my layout from Kim's class!!!...She is so clever!!!!!...Thanks Kim love it!!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Soooo sleepy...

That I am having trouble keeping my eyes open. Not much sleep last night. Chubba woke up around 2am wanting to play...LOL.... Finally got her down again around 3am, then silly me fell asleep on the lounge room chair.... And to make it worse Chubba woke up a 6am in the morning....
Today we drove down to Rosebud to get some furniture from my Dad's place. My wonderful Aunty Vicki kindly gave us some bits and pieces when she moved up north. Very exciting, my rumpus room now has a lounge, TV unit, bookcase. Starting to look more like a home now.
Now its just sorting everything out and putting the finishing touches around... Love doing that stuff!!!
I forgot to say in my last post...I'm giving up smoking!!!!! Its been 9 days now. I am so happy with myself. Iam using patches to bet the cravings and they DO work!!!
Mark hasn't done to well!!! But he has cut down HEAPS. So I am happy with that. Even when he lits up I don't even want one!!!. So fingers crossed I can stay smoke free forever!!!!
One thing I have noticed since I have stopped...I've turned into such a b@#$h!!!.. It's true... Well honestly I could be a bit of a b@#$h when I wanted to be before I gave up the fags.. But I'm 100 times worse now..LOL. Little things just seem to eat away at me and then I let lose and FIRE!!!
I don't want to be THAT person. So as off right NOW I will take control of me!!!! And try and be a lot nicer to Mark and not whinge sooooo much...LOL...
I completed a layout yesterday and have one half done on my desk now... Will share tomorrow
Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!!


Friday, July 14, 2006

Oh yeah...if anyone out there in blogging world knows how i can put my own banner on here...please pretty please help trying to work it out and im just blogg dumb!!!!!

Any tips would be great...just email me at



WOW!!!..So long since I've dropped by....

I cant believe how fast time flies by..... I feel so bad about not keeping up with my blog that I am now making a promise to post everyday...Yes everyday...And if I don't please feel free to pull me up on it.
Well so much has happened in the last month that I really don't know where to start...
So I wont. Start a fresh from today!!!
Jorja is very well. Crawling around the place. My girl never stops. She has started pulling herself up onto the couch in the last week. But only up on her knees. So im guessing it wont be long until she is standing. God help me.
Keenan is doing great, and is so totally in love with GOLF. I got him his first set of golf clubs with a bag and buggy over the school holiday's. I'm so happy that he has found something that is him. An interest that he enjoys. He started back at golf lessons last week. He tells me he name is now Keenan Woods...LOL... A major Tiger Woods fan let me tell you.
Mark and Keenan have become obsessed with collecting AFL footy cards in the last month, to the point that my kitchen cupboards (yes kitchen who know why) are stack with piles of these cards. To be honest its driving me a little nuts. But in saying that I don't really mind as my obsession is scrapbooking. So now we all have a crazy hobby we all do. Its kinda fun. All sitting at my scrapping desk. Me scrapping and Mark and Keenan sorting out their cards...LOL....
We live a simple but happy life..LOL
I was lucky enough again to take part in another Kim Archer online class again last week..I remember workshop. And will be doing her hour of power 2 class next Wednesday as well. Cant wait.
I was also lucky enough to buy one of Jen Hall's beautiful fabric packs from her blog a couple of weeks ago. And I also brought this weeks one to. Purple Passion. Should get her pack next week. Cant wait.
well that's about it for me today. Boring I know. Nothing much happening around here.

I will leave you with a few layouts....


"Every girl needs a green dress and gold shoes"..... All fabric from Jen's sublime pack. Flower made from Jen's instruction sheet. I am so in love with this layout!!!!

Jorja 1 month old.... using an old Aussle pack from the Scrap Heap... Really like this one too!!!!!

I rememeber... my layout from Kim's class last week. About when Mark and I met.. All those years ago. Love this one too.....

Angel Baby.... I just love this photo of just had to scrap it......

X box..... I took part on a class over at Paper dolls scrap shop in Frankston a couple of weeks ago. This is my version..... Keenan just loves his X box and i wanted to create a page so he would never forget ....... the main photo open up...