Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Goodbye.....

Mark's Grandma passed away yesterday morning.... Joan was 93 years old... Turning 94 tomorrow. We have known for two weeks now that Grandma didn't have much longer and she passed away peacefully in her sleep
Grandma was the most beautiful lady you could ever met. I have only had the privilege of knowing her for 3 years (she lived in QLD)But boy did we have some FUN together.. She may have been 93 but she loved to have a sing, and a chat and a good laugh!!!
I remember one night she stayed at our place (in QLD) and she wanted to stay up to because in the retirement home thay are always put to bed so early. So i sat up with Grandma, we got into our jammies, drank tea and chatted away until 12 o'clock. While the rest of the house slept.I will never forget what we spoke about that night.. lots of secrets shared..(wink wink)...
We will miss you so much Grandma....

Here is a photo of Grandma the last Xmas we had in QLD... b4 she started getting sick.....

It made me realise how important family is... and how STUPID fights are,they are just plain stupid and immature... I hate fighting with my brother... i miss him...i miss him alot and i can honestly say i think about him and his kiddies everyday.
I have apologized to my brother a few times now.. about what i said to my mum.. and i regret what i said.. so i have decided to make a public apology to him..
Martin i am so sorry for all the things i have said.. i was specking in anger.. which is no excuse... but i am deeply sorry if i have hurt you and i hope one day we can build a relationship again....your my brother my family and i love you...

Ok enough of that... getting a bit teary....I have been promising for a while now that i would share some layouts... i have finally taken some photos so here we go....

This first one is a layout i done for Paper Doll in Frankston (link in side bar)... When Wendy handed over these papers i thought OHHH but i had heaps of fun playing with them... and i am so loving the color orange at the moment.....

the next two are just because layouts........

and i have been published again.. in the new FOR KEEPS which i picked up yesterday!!
And the other is my project in this months SCRAPBOOK CREATIONS!!!
and ...(LOL) i have had TWO more layouts picked up this week.. one for FK and the other for SC.....

well thats it from me today... hope you all are having a great week and take care..

and please drop me a hello!!...


Monday, June 25, 2007

Life is WONDERFUL!!!!

not sure why really... just is!!!
Back into my scrapping... i love it so much.. and i have missed it heaps... and no i have nothing to need to take photos... will tomorrow!!!
I had another shoot last week....they turned out GREAT!!.. if i do say so
will share when i get the OK from them!!!... can't wait to show them off!!!

Not much else hae been happening in my little world... The kids are GREAT, Mark and I are GREAT.. lately eveything just seems to be falling into place!!!
Keenan is on school holidays at the end of this week... really looking forward to hanging around the house, hanging out with the kidsand not having to rush every morning to get to school on
And i plan on watching my 90210 second season DVD sad i know... i picked it up yesterday while out shopping... I already have season one
Today i watched the first disk... all you oldies....(lol).. remember when Brenda and Dylan thought they where pregnant?? thats what i am up to.. Brandon started working at the "BEACH CLUB".. and Dylan Dad has been arrested!!.. And David has started to make his mark on the show.. too funny... and the FASHIONS!!!... they crack me up... I used to think they where so cool and i so wanted to be Brenda growing up!!!
Hope you guys know what i am crapping on so if you remember your 90210 days.. please shar your fave go on i DARE YOU!!!!

well i off.... i will leave you with a photo of my boy....
more over at my photo blog... link in side bar!!!------>

take care


Friday, June 22, 2007

WE WON!!!!



GO TIGERS!!!!!!!

it was so strange hearing the Tigers about a YEAR!!!!

back soon with some scrappin'

Take care


Monday, June 18, 2007

Well I'm back....not much been going on ....just busy doing this and that and pretty much to lazy to blog!!!... Hay least I'm honest...

Keenan had his golf comp on the weekend... He done so well... He didn't get his next medal but there is always next time... He did win a prise for most improved!!!There are some photos of my little golfer down the bottom All kitted out his his NEW golf gear!!!! So cute..

Sunday we invited My cousin Mel and Corey up for a roast pork lunch... YUMMMO.. Lots of laughs, drinks and food... Love them kind of days and we were alo celebrating Mel and Corey ENGAGEMENT!!!... WOOHOOO so happy for them both and Corey is just the perfect guy for our
They have already sent out their wedding invites.. Palm Cove QLD... sooo nice!! we are pricing ticket now!!! CAN"T WAIT..
And another reason why i am dying to get up to QLD is i have other family news!!!... My sweet little cousin April ( Mel's younger sister) is HAVING A BABY!!!!!!
So happy for both Apey and Gede... their little bubba is due is Nov.. cant wait!!!
( i have know for a since day one... but sometimes i am unsure if i should be sharing on my blog NEVER know who's reading)
I have lots of other little things that have happened over the last few months but like above i will share when i feel ready... as i don't know who pops in!!!

So there you have it my news up to
I have been scrapping will share later.... and also pop over to my photo blog new photos been uploaded!!

Take care all...


ps... oh yeah.... have you seen the new Scrapbook Creations YET!!!... cause I'm in there lol..... so rush out a buy a copy NOW!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some Scrapping to share...

This is so not me.... two posts in one day!!!....I just wanted to pop back in a share some layouts that i have done over the last week or so!!!
And at the end i have some NEWS to share!!!

My Princess.... using new Jenni Bowlin from her May pack... YUMMMMMMMMO...
Cant wait for the June pack..... arriving soon!!!!

My DT Stuff for Arty Pants... and finially a photo fo our new house!!!... I think i said ages ago i would post pics and never did... slack hay!!!!

My news..... I entered the Scrapbook Creations Color Comp last month... today i got my layout back with a thanks but no thanks kind of letter... Oh well... there is always next time.... Here is the layout......

Anyway upon inpecting the pizza box i noticed that one of my layouts didnt get returned.... I just knew it was LOST....
So i emailed the lovely ladies at Scrapbook Creations... which they answered right away..... I AM A FINALIST!!!!.... YEAH so excited... My second layout made the top 30 finalist list and was taken to Brisbane for the BIG announcement over the weekend!!!!.... Can't believe it!!!!
So here its is...

Anyway... msut go.. get dinner started....Thanks for popping by... dont forget to say HI and de-lurk!!!!!


p.s Back soon with some more photos aswell... so keep your eye on my photo blog!!!!!

Maybe next time.....

Yes, sorry to say that Flashy Dancer didnt win her race yesterday... she ran second last!!!!..... :)
We knew about 5 mins b4 the race that she wouldnt run well... the track was a Heavy 8 and she was coming out of barrier 1... worst part of the track.... Flashy doesn't
run well in the wet!!... Oh well it was still so exciting seeing her on TV... her name on TV... her name in the Paper... and in a racing mag on Friday all our names where in OWNERS!!!... so exciting!!!
Keenan and i SCREAMED at the TV "GO FLASHY GO" we even woke Jorja up....
Flashy jumped started out in front... lead the pack around the bend... and then on the straight she just STOPPED... the jockey not sure why.. he just she she didnt like the track at all!!!
But we dont care we still love her!! and now it time to focus on her next race... hopefully in a couple of weeks... keep you posted!!!

Hope you all have a great TUESDAY!!!... back later with some layouts!!


Sunday, June 10, 2007

**********NEWS FLASH********

Our horse FLASHY DANCER!!.. is running in her first race TOMORROW!!!!.... we are so excited!!......Now this is the very firt photo i took of her 3 months ago... belevie me she had changed so much!!... wish i had a photo to just seems everytime we go to the stables i dont have my camera with me!!... We are going to try and head out today and see her....

So do i hear you say you would like some race she is racing a Camperdown VIC.... race 3 no. 10... FLASHY DANCER!!!!!....

Mark is heading out the the BIG race tomorrow with all the boys... they have hired a bus with So the kids and i will watch it on foxtel tomorrow and YES i am putting some money on her!!!

So wish us luck for tomorrow.... i will post again with the reults and i have some scrapping to share with you!!

dont forget to leave me a HELLO... i know there are still more lurkers out there!!!

have a great long weekend!!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I had a shoot on Saturday morning... I am so happy with them.. I have just finished editing them.... They are so pleased....
So pop over to my photo blog and have a look!!!

Connie Hatch Photography

And HAY YOU.... yes you there... i have had over 60 hits to my blog today and not one person said HELLO.... please say HI and leave your link so i can say HI back!!!!

leave you with a bit of a FUN and MUCKING around photo...taken today in the backyard watching Keenan practice his golf... only 1 week to go until his BIG golf comp!!!!


ETA------ I have been PUBISHLED AGAIN!!!.. im just so excited... the new Paper Creations mag is out and both my little angel are in there!! Will share some photos soon!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

almost been a week...

since i last popped in..... where did the week go???
Life is just so full on at the moment its just flying by... i think i need to slow down just a bit... and take a breath!!!

I thought i would pop in and share some YES i scrapped!!!!

first one is my Jenni Bowlin stuff.. that i picked up from Paper doll a few weeks back!!
I also received Jenni's May pack in the mail and have already signed up for the June pack... can't wait!!!

Sorry about the really bad photos... its getting dark here now and losing light... but you get the idea!!!!

next is my sweet girl.... just using some of my old stash!!!!!]

And my up and coming class at Paper Doll in Frankston.... new class list is up... so go and check it out!!!!

and on a very sad note.... I have made the very hard decision to leave my DT spot at Scrapbooking 4 Less.... life is too crazy at the moment and i don't want to let the girls down.... so thank you so very much Shelley for having me apart of your wonderful team... so here is my last DT for Scrabooking 4 Less.....

Well that's pretty much it from me!!!!. I have done my DT stuff for Arty Pants.. will share soon!!!!

Have a great weekend...