Thursday, April 27, 2006

Haven't done much today....Not even much housework..Naughty me
All I have managed to do is the folding, two loads of washing and load the dishwasher.
It 2:30pm and I've only just had a shower!!!!

Im finding it really hard to get motivated these days. I think it may have to do with having no car
cause I have nowhere to go..LOL
Keenan will be home from school soon so I plan on walking down to the greatest shopping centre in the world (NOT)..Carrum downs and picking up some stuff to make apricot chicken tonight for dinner. Don't really feel like making it but DH rang before and that's what he wants..Anything to keep him happy and off my back, especially when he comes home and finds the house in a mess and will wonder what I have done all day...LOL...
I did manage to complete a page of my baby girl Jorja and start a mini frame for my friends baby. I was going to make him a album but to be honest I cant be stuffed....LOL...So he gets a frame...Will share when im finished.

Thanks for listening to me crap on about nothing!!!


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Quick Layout Share

This is a layout i done over the weekend....
only one layout for a whole long weekend...pretty sad!!
Layout of my baby keenan..14 months old.
I took a heap of these photo while keenan was sitting in an old suitcase..
After setting up my at home photo shoot i didnt get any good ones..this is one i took after i gave up and put the wiggles
on for him...his face is priceless....i have another one coming soon..even cuter
well i think so


Not much to say

Jorja is growing up so fast...Its kinds of scary she will be 6 months old on the 8th of May.
How the time has flown. She is eating solids..And heaps of them now. I did start her a 3 months cause the bottle was never enough and now she loves her food. I went out today and brought Jorja her first cup!!!!...And she took to it so well today..And u can tell by the look on her face how great she thinks she is.... She is also trying so hard to crawl. She gets her bum in the air and tries to push along the ground on her head..Its pretty funny. She also lays on her belly and flaps her arms and kicks her legs like she is about to take off. She is growing up too fast
This morning she got up on all fours...Only for a second but she got up. She was so proud and I was so proud of her.
Why is it we never want our babies to grow up?. Keenan still tells me off to this day cause im always calling him "my baby". He always responds, " but mum I'm 7, im not a baby" and I always say " I know, but you will be my baby forever" and then he pulls that FACE...You all know the one...The one where they are really annoyed with you and embarrassed.

Here are some pics off Jorja trying to crawl........

Jorja "flapping" her arms and

Jorja Trying to crawl on her head

And both my babies together!!!!

that's it for me today...


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Its been so long since I drop in...Well a week..But it seems like years
What a crappy week I've had....First the contact on the house fell though
NOT FAIR..I was already planning all the cool things I was going to buy...
First on the list a new couch!!!!! And then heaps of scrapping stuff...YEAH!!!!

So we are back on the market and the wait continues...I know it will sell one day...But one day seems so far away...LOL

The last week the weather in Melbourne has been so cold...I walk around the house with the heater going full ball...DH big woolen jumper on and of course my pink slippers and im still cold...I got stuck in the house for a few days cause it didn't stop raining and I couldn't walk down to the shops....So I got stuck with no GLUE and no DOUBLE SIDED TAPE...Can u believe I ran out of them both at the same time....LOL...It could only happen to me....

I did manage to complete one layout this week and a mini book from Michelle's online class over at the Scrap Heap on Wednesday night..I love it...GREAT CLASS Michelle!!!! (pic above)
My theme for the mini album is My friend Tania and Andrews wedding 3 years agao..(I was bridesmaid)..I have had the mini passport pics from the wedding for ages and never knew what to do with them...Until now...If you would like to see the inside pages please click on Connie's gallery link and you can view them there.

This long weekend I plan on doing....A birthday card for my sister in law.....A canvas for my Mum for Mummy's day and a baby album for my friend who son is due anyday....So we will see how I go...

Well I didn't start off to good today with my planned projects..My landlord rang to come over and do some repairs and put in an extra power point in the study...All was going well until he said that his Wife doesn't want the dog here any more because she is worried about her gardens....I told him I wasn't getting rid of the dog...I told him the gardens are fine and IF there is any damage I will repair and replace.....So now IM waiting for the jury to come out and give me the verdict...I rang my real estate agent and she said they don't have a leg to stand on and the worst the can do is kick me out...I say go right ahead as IM not giving him away...He also said his wife doesn't want smokers in the house...( both DH and I are smokers...I know its bad)...I just laughed it off.....I know he cant do anything about that as nothing was stated when we signed the lease...I just have a feeling that over the next 12 months we are going to have a few problems with them...How fun...All I want to do is pay my rent and be left alone....God I hate renting!!!!

Well IM off ...I've bored you all enough by now....That's if u got this far..LOL....Will start on some of my projects....
Would just like to send out all my love and BIG hugs to Princess Rani and to Mel and her family...I am thinking of u guys and praying Rani is home, safe and well soon.....
and also a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister in law Kellie...Have a great birthday!!!!


Sunday, April 16, 2006

What a day!!!!

Boy...What a day I have had......

It started off great...Jorja slept into 7:30...The Easter bunny made a stop at our house
last night and Keenan was over the moon....And I was cooking a YUMMY Greek roast for
lunch...As we couldn't see any family today and we still don't have a car.

But I was looking forward to a nice quiet day at home with my family, eating yummy food having a couple of drinks and maybe a bit of scrapping while DH watched the football...

Any way....I put the roast on and DH had decided to pop around to a mates house to say Hello until the roast was ready...I was happy...As he was leaving my mum turned up with lots of great presents for the kids and us....She couldn't stay long as she was heading to her Mothers place for lunch. When she left I didn't walk her out like I normally do as Jorja had just woken up....Mum didn't shut the gate right and Max our 6mth old staffy got out...

I didn't know this had happened until 2 hours later when DH got home and found the gate wide open....panic began...

We searched everywhere...And we couldn't find him at all...I rang the pound the animal hospital and still nothing...Buy 5pm I had given up and finally we sat down and had our very dry and over cooked roast.

Then the phone rang..A friend had seen a dog that looked like Max down the road playing with some kids...So of DH went and it was our Maxie-moo..Ivy never been so happy in my life..The kids had been great to him, feeding him and giving him water...DH gave a reward which was
more than worth it to get our Max home safe and sound.....

He is now totally zonked and fast asleep at my feet

I managed to finish a page (picture below) after Max came home which I had started this morning and I also grab only a couple of shot of the kids (picture below).....Jorja's first Easter is one we wont forget in a long time.
Keenan also lost his second front tooth yesterday...Now its "all I want for EASTER are my two front teeth"....He looks so very cute.

im just happy all my family are home safe and sound this Easter

I hope everyone else had a great day...

Take care


Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday....

Have had a pretty boring day.....Just doing bits and pieces around the house and scrapping inbetween...dh has been in bed all day with a hangover...suffer is all can going to make him get up soon..
Well I did join in on my first ever VC scrapping over at the scrap heap today...Very exciting...I managed to complete two layouts from the challenges listed.....First on was taken while I was in Penang...Way back in 2001.. This challenge was a non person layout....The second challenge I choose to do was a layout with circles...This is of my son Keenan...Nov 2005..When we were still living in Queensland....
I've given up for the day as I have seem to have lost my scrapping mojo...Been staring at the same photo and paper for an hour now and cant get any ideas...So I will leave it for tomorrow now....
I plan on getting my paperclips finished tonight for the scrapheap online swap and have a early night......

Well im off...To bath Jorja and get dinner started...And have the big nightly fight with Keenan about having a shower and brushing his teeth...How fun!!!

Before I got I will share the first layout for Jorja's album....Her birth page

that's it for me.....



Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My first Post

Wow...What a week...What a year!!!!
Today I was finally able to get my son Keenan (7) of to school
without a hich.....Our car blew up last week and I've been relying on
a friend to take him to and from school....And she has been sick all
week....And unable to take him....But we are back on track!!!

Today I spent a little time scrapping..I have a half finished layout sitting
on my desk....My first page for my daughters album..Jorja (5 months)...I know I've been
slack starting off her album but I've only got my computer up and running
on the weekend..(Thanks again Kellie)..Have only been able to get some photos now...
and BOY there are a lot of photos already...LOL...

We had some great news today....We received an offer on our house and they signed
a contract today...YIPPEEE...So in 14 days his cooling off period and subject to the sale of his house ends and it will be full steam ahead...I really hope it goes nice and quick!!!

I will keep you updated!!!

off to bed now...Share some layouts and photos soon...