Sunday, July 29, 2007

The BIG day...

Yesterday was ARTY PANT"S BIG RE OPENING!!!..

and WOW pretty much sums up the new shop... It looks fantastic!!
There was heaps going on yesterday.. Some of the DT girls where doing make and takes, there where door prizes, face painting, balloons...and lots of YUMMY scrapbooking products to look at!!
And the NEW class room is HUGE!!!.. can't wait to come to a crop night ladies!!

here are a few photo's i took from the day!!!

Congrats to Jodie and Judy on the new store!!.. LOVE IT....

So if your a Melbourne scrapper please drop in and say HI...

The kids got there faces so cute...

And i also handed in my DT stuff from the new August pack... on sale soon...
so i can only show you a couple of sneak peaks...

Oh so yummy!!!

After all the excitement the kids and i dropped into see Wendy at Paper Doll... The lovely Leeanne was there also.. it was great to have a laugh
boy we can talk a lot of crap....LOL.... I didn't want to leave!!
Hope to catch up soon!!!!

I have also been busy scrapping away.. my mojo has returned.. This week i have done My Paper Doll dt stuff... check out Wendy's blog for more...
My Arty Pants stuff.. and also scrapped for myself!!
I have only taken photos off one.. i will share the other two next post!!!...

Boy this post is getting BIG.. so thanks if you have made it this far!!
So best be off... feel like scrapping some more!!

Don't forget to check out my photo blog... Connie Hatch Photography
for my August Special....I only have a limited amount of spaced leading up to email me at for more information!!


take care


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Arty Pants UPDATE!!

Arty Pants is on the MOVE!!!

They re open this SATURDAY 28th July

new address 3-5 33-39 HIGH STREET CRANBOURNE!!!!


Congrats to Jodie and Judy an the new shop... i will be there with bells on this Saturday.. I also just received the MOST amazing DT pack from Arty Pants... there August pack... YUMMMMMY.... i can't wait to start playing with it!!

So if you are in Melbourne be sure to pop in and see the girls...and say HI!!!!

On to other news....

Today Mark and i are off to put some final touches on our new "THING"... not telling yet.. promise i will soon.... i just want to be 100% sure before i do

I have been doing a little scrapping.. nothing i can share at the moment!! will soon..

Also please pop over to my Photo Blog.. there is some exciting NEWS over there as well.... Connie Hatch Photography

so i will leave you with YET another photo of my sweet Angel.. are you guys sick of her yet????... cause im

Sorry if this post seems to be all over the place.. my mind is going 100 miles an hour at moment!!... forgive me!!!

take care


oh yeah.. i have update my links... so go and check out some AMAZING SCRAPPERS!!!

the truth ALWAYS comes out in the END.. lying is an ugly trait to have......

Friday, July 20, 2007


I have seen this done.. so its noway an original...but i just loved it so much that when i saw a tea cup a few months ago i had to buy one and give it a go!!!

Jorja in a tea cup... and let me tell you she was NOT happy at all... so i didn't get many photos.. but i still think this one is cute... i know mummy goggles all the way... just wanted to share.. and maybe brighten someones day with a SMILE!!!

i haven't done any scrapping at all... pretty slack.... I have still been taking a photo a day but so badly need to catch up on my book... and i also have a few other projects on the go!!
Keenan is back to golf tomorrow... he is so excited his counting the i just love that he has found HIS passion..

The Green/Hatch household has some oh sooo exciting news coming soon.... I just don't want to share until all the final details have been made....

signing out for now....

have a GREAT weekend everybody...

take care... keep smiling and remember always be TRUE to yourself.....


Thursday, July 19, 2007


i need your advice....

i need your help....

What would you do if somebody referred to YOUR mother as this.....
(second post)

ETA!!!!....please pop by over to her blog (link in above post) and check out what she wrote about me!!.. i dont care what you say.. all i was doing was defending my MOTHER... you have taken too far like always..
and dont worry i have "little stories" to share.. but i would never lower myself!!
you get a life and dont ever bag mouth my family.....

Would you sit back.. or would you STAND UP for the people you LOVE!!!

This is meant to be the man that you LOVE.. that you want to spend the rest of your life with..

and you disrespect him but referring to his mother as this...
you have sunk to an all time low now....

back tomorrow... when im in a better mood.... :)

hope all is well

take care


Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Photos of Everyday Life"

Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments on my photo (last post).. I lov ethis photo of and dont worry Mark was standing by.. I was surprised the scales held

Anyway onto my new project... which i am so loving by the way.. I love taking photos so its pretty easy for me to take a photo a day!!!

ok here goes...

Front Cover

5th July

6th July

7th July

8th July

9th July

10th July

11th July

so there you go.. Let me know what you think and also if you are going to join in.. would love to see them!!!

Its back to school on Monday... thank two weeks is long enough to have two kiddies fighting over EVERYTHING....

I have been published again.. this months Scrapbook Creations... very exciting!!... My sweet Angel boy...

here it is again... just incase you miss it....

And pop over here.... and check out the new photos i took of Jorja... i think my best YET....

Take care all.. dont forget to say HI...


Wednesday, July 11, 2007


just wanted to share.....
back soon with the first week of my "Photo's of everyday life" book... i have been having heaps of FUN with this...come on jump on board!!!.. Join me.. a great way to use up all those scraps!!!

and PLEASE DE-LURK!!! drop me a HUGE hello.....
(im not coming back until you do....wink)


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Jorja has been so sick this week with croup... My poor little angel.
been up with her most nights so both of us have had hardly any sleep.. Thank god its school holiday because i don't know i would have got Keenan to school on time.
Poor Keenan been stuck in the house all week... its just too cold to be taking Jorja out anywhere so we have been relaxing around the house watching heaps of movies!!!
Jorja has woken up today (after a long night) looking a lot better than she did on Monday.. so she is on the mend.
Like all mothers i hate seeing my baby sick.. she has been very cuddly the last few days.. its nice, but i haven't gotten anything done at
Since i have been house bound this week i did manage to do a bit of scrapping. These pages would have to be the quickest layouts i have ever put together!!.. I pretty much just stuck everything down and hoped for the best.. normally i look, move things around, look some more, move some more etc this process can take

so here goes...

Also if you have some time pop over to Jen Halls blog... she has been making a "everyday life" book... i LOVE it and thinking that i may start my own... Take photos and journal about the things we get up to everyday... see how i go I always say i will do this sort of stuff but never do!!!
So to get me started i took some natural photos of Keenan this morning playing with his footy cards... tried not to worry about how perfect they have to be...
so hopefully i can do my first entry tonight... might help me use up all those scraps that have been building up for years

Please also check the new ARTYPANTS website... its not finished yet but Jodie has been very busy and doing a GREAT job.. the Arty Pants forum is also up and running so head over join up.. might see you there for a chat!!!

Well that's all from me...

Hope everyone is well...

Take care...


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lazy Sunday.....

Just another lazy Sunday in our little world.... Mark and Keenan have headed out for a quick 9 holes at golf, Jorja is down for her nap and me... well finished most of the housework and now I'm just blog
Not much been going on.. Keenan has started school holidays. Grandma's funeral is been held on Wednesday.. We wont be able to fly up to say our goodbyes.. we will just have to say them from here.

Today i plan on doing some scrapping while sitting under my so cold here...see very i dont even know what to

so i will leave you with a couple more photos of my boy... taken the other day and i have also updated my photo blog with the shoot i had the other week... So pop over and check out how cute baby Zac is....

by for now..

take care