Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Taking a break

From editing Saturday's shoot... and thought i would share some recent photos...
When we woke up Sunday morning.. we just couldn't believe the day.. how STUNNING was it... So we all piled into the car and headed down to Flinders for the day.
Mark and Keenan spent their time fishing from the Pier ( Mark's not happy.. in the first 10 mins he lost his little louver(sp?) thingy.. that cost $ his still talking about It now).. While Jorja and i when for a nice walk along the beach and collected shells....
We headed back into town late afternoon for some yummy fish and chips for lunch.. and drove home happy with very full

for some reason i am in a real black and white editing mood....
Let me know what you think??...

back to work

take care...


ps.. i have updated my photo blog with next available dates.. head over to Connie Hatch Photography for more details.....xxxx

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Beautiful (almost) SPRING DAY!!!

After the beauiful day here in Melbourne i just can't wait for Spring/Summer time!!
Today i had the HONNOUR of shooting (with a Tania< Andrew, Tom and Molli...Boy i love this family...super cute and a whole lot more!!!
And i was spoilt rotten.. Tania and Andrew gave me the most beauiful bunch of TULIPS ever... Thank Tania for remembering that Tulips are my fave flower.. and Thank you so much for the stunning flowers... i love them...
and of course you know me by now i took a photo of

I'm such a lucky girl!!

I hope you are all having a great weekend... I have some scrapping to share maybe next week now!!.. keep you guys hanging!!

But before i go i am going to leave you with a little tease from my shoot today..
This one is for you Tania... i promise they wont be long...

the beauiful Molli.....

Thats all from me.. Have a great Sunday!!

Take care


Thursday, August 23, 2007

A tag...

The beautiful Amy has tagged me... so here goes....

Here are 4 Things You May or May Not Know About Me (and probably don't want to!) in no particular order. The directions to join in are at the end.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Computer shop
2. Video Ezy!!
3. Kmart
4. Kodak

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1. Grease!!!!
2. Dirty Dancing (nobody leaves BABY in the
3. Coyote Ugly
4. Riding in cars with Boys....

Four places you have lived:
1. Rosebud (16 years about)
2. Carrum Downs (3 years)
3. Queensland (2 years)
4. Skye ( 6 months)

Four TV Shows that I watch:
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Law and Order (all of them)
3. Home and away
4. Sunrise!!!... love you Mel and Kochy!!!

Four places you have been:
1. Bali
2. Malaysia
3. Queensland
4. Sydney

4 People who e-mail me (regularly):
1. Mel Miller
2. Kylie (non scrapbooker)
3. Katie
4. Julie

Four of my favourite foods:
1. PIZZA...
2. popcorn
3. philly and tuna dip...mmmmm (new fave)
4. Chicken parma!!!!

Four of my favourite beverages:
1. COKE ZERO!!!!
2. udl
3. jim beam

Four places I would rather be right now:

Four people I am tagging:
1. Mel Miller
2. Tassie Deb
3. Sarah
4. Chrissy Berry

Things you are looking forward to in the next year:
1. Holiday in Queensland (fingers crossed)
2. Meeting April's new little baby....
3. Mel and Corey's Wedding
4. New pergola and spa....mmmmmm... Mark wants a BOAT!!...

DIRECTIONS: Now, here's what you're supposed to do... and please do not spoil the fun Copy and paste my answers into your blog and type in your answers. Then tag a whole bunch of people you know. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known facts about those who know you.

so there you go.. some facts about me you might not have

leave with a cute photo of my Jorja.. who can now i might add is a HUGE chatter box!!!.. learning aleast a new word everyday!!.. hard to keep up now!!!

you never know i could be back tomorrow with some scrapping to share!!

Take care


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The weekend turned out to be super busy!!.. That on Saturday night i was in bed asleep by 9pm... really sad hay.. and i was in a super bad mood!!!
Sunday up nice and early.. daily housework all done.. caught up on my washing from the week.. so we all decided to jump in the car and head down to Patterson Lakes for a spot of Marks idea!!
We put Keenan's bike int he car so he could ride around the tracks, while Mark fished and i just sat back and relaxed.. Perfect end to yet another busy weekend.
We enjoyed some fish and chips for dinner and didn't leave until it was so dark we couldn't see frozen hands but happy!!!

Don't tell Mark i shared the photo of he will kill me!!.. I always seem to take photo of him when his eating with his mouth wide open!!!

Only a week or so left until we are business owners!!.... so scary but so exciting all at the same time!!.. The Carrum Downs shops get taken over this coming Monday.. So mark will no longer be the boss his a bit happy about that.. Mark will stay at Carrum Downs for a while to show the new owner how everything is done and then he will be working at our shop in Rowville!!!
We are also going away on a much needed holiday at the end of September!!.. more on that as we get closer!!

Today im going to bum around the house as the rest of my week is jam packed!!.. Need to do some stuff for the shop shopping. This weekend i have shoot in the morning a beautiful family of 4... and golf straight after.. Friends around on Sunday.. I think we are booked out every Sunday for the next
and im also hoping to go to the Friday night crop at Paper Doll....

Thanks everyone for helping me find my fingers crossed!!....
Sorry this post was really about nothing at all... pretty boring!!

Have a great week and weekend!!!

Take care....


Saturday, August 18, 2007

where has the week GONE!!!

It only feels like last night i headed out the the Paper Doll crop night.. but it was last week!!...
What happened to this week...i'm not even really sure what i have done all

Anyway like i said went to the Paper Doll Friday night crop and only managed to do one too much chatting and laughing going over
I had a ball and i cant wait to do it again... even if i don't get any scrapping done!!!
so here is my layout from the crop.. a HUGE thanks to Will who gave those beautiful butterflies to complete my layouts... Thanks heaps Will your the BEST!!!!

That is all the scrapping i have done all pretty slack hay.. i still haven't even unpacked my stuff from the
This week i also had two more layouts picked up for SC... so excited!!.. so keep your eyes out!!

before i rush off to take Keenan to golf and then a birthday party i would like to introduce you to my new little scrap
Lady Annie the I made her all by myself.. with the help of Mel Goodsell who was ever so kind to GIVE me the pattern of the fairy after seeing it on her blog.. Thanks so much Mel.. i really love her...
so without further a

so sweet!!!

Oh yeah.. before i go i need some MAJOR help from my Blog friends... Jorja's birthday is coming up soon well November and i really want to get her a cabbage Patch Kid with the same birth date as her!!....
So next time you are in a toy shop.. any chance you could check for me and see if you can find a CPK with the birthday date Nov 8th...please pretty please.... I have been hunting for months now and have found the 7th and the 9th...grrrrr
Please don't go out of your way.. just if you happen to walk past a stand of CPK just have a little lookie for me.. thanks a bunch....
I brought her the Dora talking Kitchen yesterday in Frankston... so excited... i have hid it at Mum's place because im scared i will give it to her

Have a great weekend everyone...

take care


Monday, August 13, 2007

and the WINNERS ARE>>>>>

I decided that after all the nice comments i got i would give away two little RAKS!!
so here goes....

Jorja picked the first name out of the hat..

but i couldn't get her to hold up the winner....
but its... drum roll....

CONGRATS SARAH!!!!!... wooo hooooo...

And Keenan picked the second winner from the hat....

and the WINNER is.... drum roll.. again........

CONGRATS to Julie.. wooo hooo...

Thanks to everyone who popped in and said hello.... hope you keep stopping by...

ladies.. the winners... please email me your address at and i will get your RAK out to you this week!!

take care all

back soon

Bit slack...

i know i said i would draw the winner of my RAK last night after Grey's.. we had friends over for lunch and ended up staying for dinner and well into the
great night!!
So i will draw my RAK this afternoon when Keenan gets home from school!!

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend.. I DID!!!

leave with a photo of Jorja.....just too keep you smiling!! more here...

take care

Thursday, August 09, 2007

This is going to be long....

so grab yourself a cuppa.. something to or in my case a nice cold glass of Coke Zero!!!

Iv'e been scrapping up a HUGE storm the last few days... All stuff for me.. no DT stuff at the moment...So i will share my creations at the end!!!

First lot of news... Our horse Flasy Dancer... is now retired...
Poor little sweet thing.. Her last race she ran (a few weeks back) she didnt pull up too well.. she has done her knee... so we decided to retire her and use her to breed with.. thats a whole other story..
But now this gives our boy a chance to show us what his His still un named but we hard leaning torwards Cut "n" Paste... He looks like some has put him His body's too big for his head and his legs are too skinny for his But in our eyes his oh so handsome.. and he really is a good looking boy.. We headed out to the farm on Sunday to say hello and give them both a cuddle...i took some photos but need to edit them.. will share another day!!
Jorja had a ball out at the farm.. riding the pony and collecting the eggs from the

Ok more a few weeks back i posted about some BIG news in our little family....Well... umm i feel i can share now.. but the details are all still going though... so anyway...
Mark's boss Mick.. gave us a pretty good offer about two months ago.. He has given us the opportunity to buy in on a BUTCHER shop with him...!!!
This is something Mark and i have dreamed about and wanted so badly for a while now.. our own business...but it was always out of reach as butcher shops are pretty pricey.. So when Mick rang us about a shop in Rowville we JUMPED at the chance..
So you guys are looking at the new owners of Rowville Meats.. well as of the 3rd of Sept only a few weeks to go!!

This is a huge step for us... a huge risk as any business is... but a risk we are willing to take.. to give our family everything we can.. Its going to be a lot of hard work, a lot of very long hours.. but i just know we can do this.. as a family!!

So if you live in the Rowville area.. make sure you pop in and say HI.....

Onto some i have had the best week... prize
I won a rak on the Arty Pants forum... Thanks Julie...very yummy a stamp and some yummy papers, ribbons, buttons... Then i won a rak on the D & S scrapbooking blog... a oh so yummy Cherry Arte paper pack.. two of each i might add and a very cool scrapbooking bag!!.. Thanks heaps Deb and Sally.. and then over at Sarah's blog i won a ever so cute Bee stamp.. thanks Sarah!!!
I have also been published again... not once but twice in the new issue of Scrapbook Creations... wooo hoooo... I have a project and a page in the gallery!!!

Ok here is what i have been creating this past week.....

first up i have alterted a wooden box.. not sure for what yet at the moment i have my Photo a day book in there....

And i have finially altered my wooden letter "c".. only one more to go... was waiting for some paper that i just fell in love with...the oh so yummy BG...mmmmmm

and now some layouts......

told you it was going to be
So if you have made it this far.. you have a chance of winning a little RAK from me!!
in honour of all the wonderful RAK'S i have won... So just leave me a comment and you are in the draw...I think i will draw it after Grey's on Sunday night.....

Thanks heaps for stopping by....
Dont forget to check out my photography.. here... and if you leave me a hello over there you get double entry into my little prize....LOL...

take care


ETA.. spell checker not had too many wines to check please forgive me!!.. its onlytaken me 3 hours to finish this post!!!!... chat soon....

Monday, August 06, 2007

Studio time..

Been having some fun the last few days.. playing around in my studio.. i brought a new black back drop.. my other one was too small for the new background stand i got the other week.. and a new blue back drop....

so pop over to my photo blog and have a look see......
Connie Hatch Photography
here's a little sneak peak....

back later with some scrapping!!!...


Friday, August 03, 2007

"Oh So Pretty" August pack...


The Arty Pants August pack is NOW online.. so plese head over and take a look

Arty Pants

I had the hounor of working with this beautiful kit...with fellow DT member Julie (love what you done Julie..yummy)

Out of this kit i made 3 12x12 layouts and 3 cards..using everything from the kit and just my pens, inks, stamps, glue....

and the cards.....

A little tip.. with the "Thank You" card.. i used the backing from the felt flowers (in the "bath time" layout) as a mask!!!... 2 GREAT ways to use a product!!!

Dont for get to pop over to Julie's blog and check out her amazing creations!!!!

Have a GREAT Friday....


ETA!!!!... they lovely Amy (fellow dt for Paper doll)nominated me as a ROCKIN'GIRL BLOGGER!!!.. Thanks Amy

so i am going to nominate.... Katie, Jodie and Tassie Deb....