Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Yes you read that

Today a friend and I spent the day scrapping on my dinning room table.. HEAPS of FUN!!.. i am really starting to enjoy scrap booking again....
We plan to do it every Wednesday from now on... So i now declare WEDNESDAY SCRAPBOOK DAY!!.. Any local girls who would like to join in... just send me an email... the more the merrier i say!!!

School Holidays so busy.. i really cant remember what i done week to week.. But we had the family down for 2 weeks... a lot of hanging around the house (which i like)a lot of day where we were all still in our PJ's at 4pm (bad i know)...
But i did manage to do a couple of shoots (see photo blog) and met up with some friends!!..

I finally got to met the talented Katie Toland!!... We met up at Frankston beach so the kids could have a play and we could chat away.. I really had a great time.. we talked photography...ummmm.. more photography.. and lots more...LOL...
I didn't take that many photos at all.. Still yet to go through them!!
But i know Katie has popped some on her blog.. so have a lookie!!
Thanks for the great day Katie, L, and E.. lets do it again sometime!!!

Today was K's first day back at school... GRADE 4.. wow.... He is a bit excited this year because he gets to go for his pen licence... remember doing that myself.. so cute!!.. He really wants to start writing in pen!!

Well i will leave you with some layouts..

"SHHHH" and "FOOTPRINTS" was done ages ago.. like before Christmas...

The Christmas one is a class pack from the wonderful Wendy... go check out her new Dolly kits NOW...

And "LAID BACK" was done today!!!.. a real Kim Archer inspired one!!.. HAY baby steps here.. just until i get my mojo back!!
and if you noticed i done a 8.5x11in layout!!.. WOOHOO... needed a change!!


Enjoy the rest of your week!!


Monday, January 28, 2008

Been Super Slack....

How bad am i....

No blogging

No scrapping

No catching up with friends


Does anyone pop by any more... i doubt it!!

Sorry i have been so boring...
I promise i will update this week... When K goes back to school!

hope you are all well...


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Model!!

Please head over to my photography website

Connie Hatch Photography

For more information!!!

Back soon with photos and a update!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MY BABY IS........




We have already opened some presents...
A new wrestling XBOX game
TIMBERLAND cd (new fave singer)
IPOD docking system.. too listen to all his music on!!!!

Keenan i just cant believe how much you have grown..
i mean i have a 9 year old!!!!

may all your hopes and dreams come true!!

Dad, Jorja and I love you oh so much!!

Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

T & M

I have had the pleasure of photographing T & M once before..

look here

both such beautiful kids!!....

Hope you like your sneak peak T....

have a great weekend!!


ETA:... Another Model needed... Please head over to Connie Hatch Photography for more information.....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Met J and A....two of the most BEAUTIFUL girl!!

A little sneak peak for you V.. hope you like!!!!

take care


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

bit of Bike riding FUN!!!

I took the kids out the other for a bit of a bike ride to test out their new bikes they got for Christmas.. so to me.. a GREAT chance to take the old camera out and have a play!!.. like my camera would be lonely or its a huge part of the family!!.. sorry silly mood...

Have a GREAT Tuesday everyone!!.. busy this week so i will try and share some layouts later on!!!

ps.. Thank you to everyone who emailed for my models needed post!!..

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rowville Meats.. and a offer!!

hope we are all having a GREAT weekend!!.. I know i

I finally took at look at some of the shop photos to share with you all
We are pretty excited about having a nice new clean shop to start over with..
it not finished yet... still has a bit more work to go.. but we are open and its all coming together....

I will share a photo when it is finished and all pretty...(well as pretty as a butcher shop can be...)

This year i have made a huge decision to really expand and branch out my photography business.
One major step i want to make is location shoots!!
At the moment i mainly work in my home studio.. But hoping to branch out into something more!!
Now.. I am after some models... models for me to practice some location shots on.. (eg.. parks, beaches etc) to use in my portfolio.

more information on this special deal head over to my website
Connie Hatch Photography

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


Thursday, January 10, 2008


Just a quick hello... just to say i have given my blog and my photography blog a FRESH new look!!!

please head over to Connie Hatch Photography for more... (trust me you have to check them out)

Hope you are enjoying the HEAT!!!

back soon with a shop update!!


p.s Check out what Wendy has been up too... oh so yummy new Paper Doll packs!!!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


A few snaps of the kids running around the back yard... couple of days after Christmas..
Jorja would only squirt herself in the face...LOL...

Not much been happening around here.. which i like... We opened a brand (close enough) new shop today.. so the kids and i went for a dive up there to have lunch with Mark... looking really good.. but not quite finished YET!!.. i will sort out the photos and share soon...
When we got back the kids and i went for a bike ride.. well the kids did i walked... to try out there new bikes on the open
We didn't get far.... but i got some really great photos.. we ended up hanging out in our court most of the time.. riding bikes and scooters!!!
I took over 100 photos.. so bad... so i may add some more tonight after dinner!!

Only a couple more day and i will close the photo swap so please sign up if you would like to join in!!!....check out posts below!!

Also my Pay It forward girls.. please email me you addy's at
i haven't forgotten you... i have made a start on my little gifts!!!....

Please pop over to my photo blog also.. as i have updated with next available dates and updated packages and price lists... Please pass on my details to any family and friends......

Check out more here....

Connie Hatch Photography

Back soon with some more fun!!

ps.. i have also scrapped a layout!!!.. and have a half finished on on my desk.....

take care


Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas Day 2007...

I love Christmas time.. i really do.. i LOVE summer... bring back those 40 days.. i just LOVE it.. One thing i now know... is i don't like cooking Christmas day
So no i wont be doing it next year...
Most of the Day it felt like i was in the kitchen... My Mum and June (dear dear friend) done a fantastic job in helping me out BIG time... June done the BEST crackle EVER!!.. thanks Juney!!!
But lunch was very yummy.... so much yummy food to eat... great company.....
This year Marks family came down for Christmas... so we had Pam, Bob (marks mum and step dad), David and Lauren (marks twin brother and sister), My Mum, My Dad, Nanna and Gramps, and friends June and JJ... and of course

The Kids had a ball... and got everything there heart could ever want.. Yes they where very spoilt this year... but this time i don't care.. Mark and i have worked hard to be able to give out kids nice things... so why NOT i (now the credit card bill wont be
Keenan ended up getting everything that he asked Santa for and a whole lot more!!
A Nintendo DS
Ipod Nano
New bike ( mongoose )
new clothes..
heaps of toys, DS games, etc...

Jorja... the same.. everything her little heart could ever want...
Swing set
Cubby house
new bike
quad bike (battery one)
clothes, toys, another Cabbage patch kid (that makes 3 and a dog).. heaps of Dora stuff....
I am still sorting out there rooms to fit everything

This year i got Mark a Table Tennis Table, new drill, lots of clothes, fishing voucher...
Me.. well i was spoilt i got my new sewing machine... ohh so nice... and my naughty little Mark went out and brought me some more Pandora charms.. now that was a surprise!!!
Christmas Day at our place was really great this year....

Christmas EVE.. i was up late.. Waiting for David to arrive from Perth.. he got in about 1am!!.. But it was great to see him.. so while i was waiting i took a couple of photos... Santa must have Jim Beam in our (went down really good

These are just a few photos... i still have heaps to look at!!.. How is the last one of Keenan... thats him opening up his Ipod... Do you think he liked it??....LOL...

Well thats it from me today.... still have heaps to catch up on...

We shut the shop as of New Years Day to start our renovations.. The shop has been gutted and re tiled, stainless steel all over the walls, new counters etc...
Yesterday Mark and i spent the day there (mum watched the kids) To start to step the shop back up so we can re open Tuesday.. i will share the photos next post!!!....

OH yeah.. i need some help from any handy hubbies out there... PLEASE..
I took an old butchers block from the shop that we don't need to use any more and i want to restore it and use it in my kitchen... anyone have any idea where i start??... the top needs to be cut off the main block to make it a flat surface again.. Mark is so NOT a handy man and doesn't have a clue where i begin...

take care


Dont forget to sign up for my photo swap... details in post below... come ladies it will be FUN!!... need some more numbers!!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2008......

Hi, im back ... well sort

hope you all had a GREAT NEW YEAR.......

I only have two more sleep to go and i have my HOUSE BACK!!!!

then i will be back with a Christmas and New year update!!

just wanted to say HI!!!...

Take care... miss everyone soo much!!!! really need to do something crafty.. going crazy here!!!


p.s... who is up for a photo swapp??.... we can pair up swapp photos to scrap???.. leave me a comment if you are up for it.... see if we can get enough numbers!!!
bye 4 now....xxxx