Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Dancing Queen...

Last week Jorja had her first Ballet lesson.. it was OH SO CUTE!!!
She will be doing Ballet and Tap..

Last week she done a lot of running around.. and not much dancing... She was fine doing Ballet but when it came to doing Tap she didnt want to.. I think it because she has yet to get her Tap shoes... Waiting until they get a size in small enough for her... But i did mange to get her leotard, stockings and Ballet shoes..

Which we tried out the first time this week... BOy she is cute.. Today after class i brought her The HOT PINK dance top (they had her size).. so i will share photos of that next week.. Jorja wasnt in the mood for photos when we got home!!

But here she is this morning before we left!!

Hope you are all having a GREAT weekend...

Back soon with a new Family Shoot to share and a layout!!!



Anonymous said...

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Willisa said...

Man, spam comment are every where today.

Jorja looks divine, I'm so glad she had a good time!!

I've got a Ballet themed blog too!


Karen said...

How cute is Jorja in her leo. Lots of new little ballerinas around.

Anonymous said...

Your littke girl looks very cute connie, Looking forward to seeing your LO and new photo shoot.

Have a good week

Vesna said...

Hi Connie,

Doesn't J look absolutely cute.