Sunday, July 16, 2006

Soooo sleepy...

That I am having trouble keeping my eyes open. Not much sleep last night. Chubba woke up around 2am wanting to play...LOL.... Finally got her down again around 3am, then silly me fell asleep on the lounge room chair.... And to make it worse Chubba woke up a 6am in the morning....
Today we drove down to Rosebud to get some furniture from my Dad's place. My wonderful Aunty Vicki kindly gave us some bits and pieces when she moved up north. Very exciting, my rumpus room now has a lounge, TV unit, bookcase. Starting to look more like a home now.
Now its just sorting everything out and putting the finishing touches around... Love doing that stuff!!!
I forgot to say in my last post...I'm giving up smoking!!!!! Its been 9 days now. I am so happy with myself. Iam using patches to bet the cravings and they DO work!!!
Mark hasn't done to well!!! But he has cut down HEAPS. So I am happy with that. Even when he lits up I don't even want one!!!. So fingers crossed I can stay smoke free forever!!!!
One thing I have noticed since I have stopped...I've turned into such a b@#$h!!!.. It's true... Well honestly I could be a bit of a b@#$h when I wanted to be before I gave up the fags.. But I'm 100 times worse now..LOL. Little things just seem to eat away at me and then I let lose and FIRE!!!
I don't want to be THAT person. So as off right NOW I will take control of me!!!! And try and be a lot nicer to Mark and not whinge sooooo much...LOL...
I completed a layout yesterday and have one half done on my desk now... Will share tomorrow
Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!!



Tassie Deb said...

Good luck with the Quit campaign Connie. I used patches 12 years ago and they worked a treat. I even found that I didn't turn into the wicked witch on them like I was when I tried to go cold turkey :) Keep perservering, you will succeed.

Smiles and hugs
TD xoxoxo

Chrissy said...

Well done on quitting smoking, you go girl!!! I'm soooo proud of you! :)

Love the adorable LOs you've shared, I recognised the "feel" of the first LO with the fabric as looking very Jen H like LOL til I read you'd bought her beautiful fabric packs suddenly it all made sense. *giggle* Just gorgeous!

I'm still smiling here that you quit, a big huge congrats Connie!!

Bev said...

good luck with the smoking Connie...I am afraid the patches dont work for ma as they refuse to stick to my skin...and I hear you about the b***h part, I was so bad my dh (who is very anti smoking) went to the shops and bought me some smokes, threw them at me and told me to have three or four lol

jodee76 said...

Good luck quitting smoking Connie! Hopefully it gets easier each day and you feel better for it.
Love all your LOs
Can't wait to meet you in person!