Friday, July 21, 2006

Two weeks.....

It's been two weeks now since I have had a smoke!!! I'm so happy. But to be honest I don't feel any different!!!. Everyone told me how great and heathly I would feel, but I just feel like the same old me. Oh well. But I am still going to stay smoke free. I hope!!!!
Mark hasn't done well at all. His started buying packets now. So I guess I will just have to live with the fact he cant give up. But I've booted him outside now. And his NOT happy..LOL... Too cold.
Not much has happened this week. Finally got rid of Marks brother who was down from Queensland. I know that sounds mean...But 3 weeks of his crap, mess, lack of respect, swearing ALL the time ( im no angel, I swear too but not every second word!!), his lack of respect, oh yeah said that already. I guess it didn't help I was giving up the smokes as well, but I was losing my mind!! David you know we love ya..But oh my god!!, just stay a week next time!!!!!
Scrapping news.... Arty Pants is opening there brand new store tomorrow!!!! YEAH!!!
They are going to have heaps of great grand opening day specials, and for those who cant make it to there New shop, great online specials as well!!!!! So make sure you go and check them out.
They are at....Shop 65, Hampton Park shopping centre, or
I just wanna wish Jodie all the luck in the world for tomorrow, Its going to be great, and I will be popping in to check it all out for myself!!!!
I also took part in another Kim Acher online class on wednesday!! Just love my page.. Thanks so much Kim. Also a couple of other layouts I have completed this week!!!
Well that's it for me!!. Well post again tomorrow and spill all on the Arty Pants Grand Opening!!!
Cant wait... Make sure if you live the the Melbourne area to drop buy!!!!


Whats in a name?. This is my layout from Kim's class!!!...She is so clever!!!!!...Thanks Kim love it!!!!

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judee d said...

Glad to meet you on Saturday, The rest of the day was very busy and I slept extremely well Saturday Night.
Thanks for visiting us, we really appreciated all the names coming up to see us and being able to actually put a face to that name. It meant alot to Jodie and I for the visits