Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Look what I got today!!!!!

My brand new Hyundai Tuscan city !!!!... I'm so excited this is my first ever brand new car.... There is only 28km on the clock....LOL......
We brought it about two weeks ago and it been so hard not to say anything... But now she is here and sitting in my garage!!!!......

Yeah yeah I know she is BLACK and it hard to keep clean....But I don't care... I love it!!!!
Now to think of a name..... My old car was a Nissan Pulsar... And her name is Queenie...
(Queenie now belongs to Mark!!!)..... Will have to let you know when I think of her name!!!

that's it from me... Going to sleep in the garage .... Only joking

Thanks for letting me "show off" for 5 mins!!!!

Take care all



Karen Ridgeway said...

Oooh Connie, it's GORGEOUS!!!! I want one too lol ;D Have fun, you lucky thing :o)

Luv Karen xoxo

jodee76 said...

How unreal you lucky thing! There's really something stylish about a black car. I had one before my daughter was born and I loved it but cleaning it was a nightmare!

judee d said...

Congrats Connie, She is a real beauty. Maybe that a good name Black Beauty...... Look out for all the cleaning and I don't want to ever see it dirty.lol.
Be careful driving and don't speed. Now I really do sound like a mum don't I????lol.
See you soon.
keep smiling and healthy

Ruey said...

oh wow...your car is utterly gorgeous!!! It's sooo secret service like...that I'd call it "The Star"

Tassie Deb said...

Wow Connie - what a gorgeous creature you have in your driveway. I dont envy you though having to keep her clean - or is that Mark's job??

TD xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Nice Car connie..... Love it!!!