Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

I've had a pretty busy week the past week....
My top news to date is we are getting our car back today...YIPPEEE.... cant wait to have a set of wheels and be able to get around. I mostly excited about being able to take Keenan to school again and not having to have other people take him and drop him off.
Also Jorja is now crawling...well her own earlier I made a post that she was using her arms to pull herself around.. she is still doing that but is now using her feet to push forward and she can move so much more and quicker around the room... She is loving it... Her favorite spot at the moment is the bottom cupboard on the tv unit.. open close open close.... she will play there for ages as when she closes it the door makes a loud BANG!!!!

I've been doing a fair bit of scrapping the last week. I'm pretty proud of myself.... As some of you girls already know is I done a Kim Archer online class on the 3rd of May... It was FANTASTIC... Poor Kim...she had a problem with typepad (her blog) and the server was down.. So she had an hour before the class to set up a blog with Blogger and re-type the whole class again. But she pulled it off and it was still a great class.. Well Done Kim!!!!.... The layout from that class is above "you are.."
I pulled together "what a looker" pretty quick earlier this week...not very happy with it. It didnt turn out how I had it pictured in my head...Isn't that always the way....

"baby biker" im also not very happy with how this turned out.... I played around with this one for ages and so I just had to get it done.

I also talk about in an pevious post about making a little frame for a friends baby.... Well Cory's bouncing baby boy was born on thursday night.. Wait for it... Denver Mitchell... 8pound 5oz.

Mark went in with cory last night to meet baby Denver and got a couple of snaps for me so I was able to finish of the picture frame with some pics..
Above is the front of the album and below inside the album.. sorry but I had to blur out Denver's beautiful little face as I don't have the mothers permission to put on my blog!!!
I promise I am nearly

I'm really happy with the next two layouts.. And yes I finally done another page for Jorja's album. I'm finding it really hard to work "girlie" into my layouts cause im so used to boys pages..

Jorja's first bath..... and Keenan with cousins Jared and Paige on Keenan's 6th bday in 2005.

Well thats it from me this week.. im hoping I have another good week of scrapping so I can make another big dent in my forever growing pile of photos. We all know we have one!!!!

On other news on Tuesday we find out if the latest contact on the house going though.. So fingers crossed. These people seem to be a lot more serious in the house as the got pre approval on there loan before they made an offer and have left a nice deposit. Tuesday will be a very long day for us!!!

I hope everyone has a great Mother's Day and you all get spoilt rotten. Keenan gave me the most beautiful card this morning.... so that has made my day!!!!
Sorry about the long and boring post!!! take care... until next time...



Shelley said...

Wow Connie you certainly have been scrapping up a storm. Love what you've done for Baby Denver's arrival, what a great idea. Great news about finally having your car back, I totally hate it when i'm without mine, it is extremely hard out here without a car because we have no public transport!
Happy Mother's day!

Tassie Deb said...

Connie, I love the Baby Biker lo just as it is. i wish i could scrap like you do.

Take care Sweetie
TD xoxoxo