Saturday, May 06, 2006

My Birthday!!!

Well.. Today is my 29th birthday... Only one more year until im 30...good god!!!
Not really looking forward to it let me tell you.

Mark had to work today so I didnt do anything fun for my birthday..My brother Martin and sister in law Kellie popped in to give me a little pressie and a yummy mud cake with candles and party hats to've promised tonight I will blow out my candles and wear my party will share some pics tomorrow.
My mum also dropped by and gave me a beautiful bracelet...Which I love
Mark gave me some scrapping money which I've already Couldn't
Come you girls understand.
So im just planning a quiet night at home watching the Tigers on tv and having a couple of drinks.
Oh and of course my CAKE!!!

Other than that not much has been happening in My World these days. We have put the car in to be fixed and should have it back this week..YEAH cant wait.
And we got yet another offer on the house. Signed the contracts last week, and just just waiting for the cooling of period to end and its all done. So keep your fingers crossed for us.
Keenan and Jorja are doing great. Jorja is teething and not sleeping though the night. I got two hours sleep last night!!!
Been doing heaps of scrapping this week. The scrap heap are doing a challenge a day for the month of May. It really fun. And its making me scrap!!!.If you like you can check out my daily challenges over in my gallery.
Well that's it for me..Bored you all enough.
Its funny because I feel like im talking to no im not sure who or if anyone is reading my blog.. Feel free to leave me a hello in the comment section. Would love to hear from you!



Susan C said...

Happy Birthday Connie. Hope your team wins in celebration.
I frequently pop in for a visit.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed your Birthday. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes again to you. I hope you were totally spoilt. I drop in often and check out what's happening in the Connie World lol!
Take Care,
Shelley Turner.

Amber McAlpine said...

Hey Connie, I found your blog :)
Hope you had a great birthday. Don't be scared of 30, 30 ROCKS!!! I turned 30 last year and its been the best year of my life.

Chrissy said...

Oh Hey happy birthday for last week Connie, can't believe I missed it!!! :-)

Tassie Deb said...

Oh Connie - how come you didn't tell me it was your birthday hon?? I am putting you in my Birthday Book immediately i get home so I dont miss the big 30 next year.

Happy Belated Birthday
TD xoxoxo