Monday, January 22, 2007


MY BOY TURNED 8!!!!!!.......

My baby boy... who is not a baby anymore... so grown up!!!

I still cant believe that he is 8 already.. where to the years go?...

Too fast for my liking... and can you believe this.. he cant wait until he turns god.. let me get used to you being 8 first!!!!

How cute is this
Love you honey... to the moon and back 3 times!!!..xxxxxxxxxx
On Sunday, we had a little family BBQ for him... great just sitting back and having a good old
Keenan had a ball and got spoilt rotten....
He got... two new golf clubs.. a driver and a 5 iron...
books, air hockey game, lots and lots of money... (too much if you ask me), quicksilver wallet..
off Mark and I.. he got
a Ipod, a few cd's, quicksilver clothes ( the only brand he will wear.. i have created a, a quicksilver hat and new pencil case, a surf necklace.
and there are still more presents to come!!
Keenan also shares his birthday with his great Nan.. so Happy Birthday to Nan!!! who turned 75 today!!.....
Today Keenan and i just hang out trying to work out this whole Ipod stuff.... finally got it going tonight and HEAPS of help from Peter!!...Thanks Peter....
That's all ... will share more pics form Sunday later..
Take care


Karen Ridgeway said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEENAN!!!!! It sounds like he had a wonderful day Connie :o))))

I can totally relate to the age-thing and growing up too fast C...Lachie is 5 on Wednesday, starts big school next week...and I can still remember the day he was born and his babyness like it was yesterday! No fair, why can't they stay small a bit longer?

Love ya missy - catch up with you soon :o)

{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}

Love Karen xoxoxo

Mel said...


You certainly sound like you got spoilt :)

Mel xoxo

judee d said...

Enjoy them while they are young. They certainly grow up tooooooo quick. My baby is nearly 25 lol.
Keep smiling and healthy

Tassie Deb said...

Happy birthday Keenan - Mitchell says to tell you it is great being 8 :)

Looking forward to more pics Connie

Luv 'n hugs
TD xoxoxo