Friday, May 04, 2007

Our look a likes.....LOL....

How funny is just really bored tonight and really dont wanna scrap!!!

take note that both Keenan and Jorja have a same person to ME!!!

gone on i dare you all to give it a go!!!!... and dont forget to share...

have a great weekend... back soon with a real update!!!

take care



Mel said...

hehe...that was a bit of fun, have done my family on my blog :)


Willisa said...

LOL!! That is funny!!!

Catch up soon!!


judee d said...

Wow, Shirley Temple? Where's the curls
Quite funny, must check it out.

Janet said...

lmao.. what a hoot... I'm giving this one a go... thanks Connie

Tassie Deb said...

Greata challenge Connie - must post it on my blog.

But, more importantly, Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday Dear Connie, happy birthday to you :)

I hope you have an awesome day Sweetie, surrounded by family, friends, cake and lotsa pressies.


Luv 'n hugs
TD xoxooxx