Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Not much to say

Jorja is growing up so fast...Its kinds of scary she will be 6 months old on the 8th of May.
How the time has flown. She is eating solids..And heaps of them now. I did start her a 3 months cause the bottle was never enough and now she loves her food. I went out today and brought Jorja her first cup!!!!...And she took to it so well today..And u can tell by the look on her face how great she thinks she is.... She is also trying so hard to crawl. She gets her bum in the air and tries to push along the ground on her head..Its pretty funny. She also lays on her belly and flaps her arms and kicks her legs like she is about to take off. She is growing up too fast
This morning she got up on all fours...Only for a second but she got up. She was so proud and I was so proud of her.
Why is it we never want our babies to grow up?. Keenan still tells me off to this day cause im always calling him "my baby". He always responds, " but mum I'm 7, im not a baby" and I always say " I know, but you will be my baby forever" and then he pulls that FACE...You all know the one...The one where they are really annoyed with you and embarrassed.

Here are some pics off Jorja trying to crawl........

Jorja "flapping" her arms and

Jorja Trying to crawl on her head

And both my babies together!!!!

that's it for me today...



Tassie Deb said...

Isn't Jorja sooooo cute Connie?? I can absolutely relate to Keenan being your baby, I tell my boys that all the time only to have them say "they are NOT babies" LOL.

What about your Tiges eh Connie??

TD xoxox

Anonymous said...

Wow Connie, Jorja has grown heaps and still has her very adorable smile! Kooper is really loving his tummy time now and loves to push himself around on his back, lol! I can't believe how fast they grow, it's not fair hey? Kooper will be 5 months on the 5th of May!
Take care,
Shelley Turner