Sunday, April 16, 2006

What a day!!!!

Boy...What a day I have had......

It started off great...Jorja slept into 7:30...The Easter bunny made a stop at our house
last night and Keenan was over the moon....And I was cooking a YUMMY Greek roast for
lunch...As we couldn't see any family today and we still don't have a car.

But I was looking forward to a nice quiet day at home with my family, eating yummy food having a couple of drinks and maybe a bit of scrapping while DH watched the football...

Any way....I put the roast on and DH had decided to pop around to a mates house to say Hello until the roast was ready...I was happy...As he was leaving my mum turned up with lots of great presents for the kids and us....She couldn't stay long as she was heading to her Mothers place for lunch. When she left I didn't walk her out like I normally do as Jorja had just woken up....Mum didn't shut the gate right and Max our 6mth old staffy got out...

I didn't know this had happened until 2 hours later when DH got home and found the gate wide open....panic began...

We searched everywhere...And we couldn't find him at all...I rang the pound the animal hospital and still nothing...Buy 5pm I had given up and finally we sat down and had our very dry and over cooked roast.

Then the phone rang..A friend had seen a dog that looked like Max down the road playing with some kids...So of DH went and it was our Maxie-moo..Ivy never been so happy in my life..The kids had been great to him, feeding him and giving him water...DH gave a reward which was
more than worth it to get our Max home safe and sound.....

He is now totally zonked and fast asleep at my feet

I managed to finish a page (picture below) after Max came home which I had started this morning and I also grab only a couple of shot of the kids (picture below).....Jorja's first Easter is one we wont forget in a long time.
Keenan also lost his second front tooth yesterday...Now its "all I want for EASTER are my two front teeth"....He looks so very cute.

im just happy all my family are home safe and sound this Easter

I hope everyone else had a great day...

Take care



Tassie Deb said...

Oh Connie - what a worrying time for you all. At least Max was safe and sound, and you got him back ok. I am so sorry too that your wonderful lunch was a tad overdone LOL.

Great pics of the kidlings. I didn't manage to take any.

Hope tomorrow is better for you
Easter hugs
TD xoxoxo

Mel said...

Oh Connie, I am so glad that Max is home and safe.

those pics of Jorja and Keenan are just to cute.


Tess said...

What a worry you've had. You'll have to journal that somewhere, perhaps on jorja's first easter page LOL.
She's a real cutie, growing so fast, it only seems like yesterday you had her!

Chrissy said...

So glad you found your Maxie safe and well!!! Look at your cherubs too Connie, they are utterly adorable!!

Chrissy xx

Jenelle said...

That made me shed a tear then. But at least you got your Maxie back today. Its the same here with our dog too, to constantly tell the boys to shut the gate.

Enjoy the rest of your Easter Break.

Anonymous said...

i bet maxie moo thought it was the best day

Robyn said...

This was terrible, glad Max was safe though.
Love the photos of your children.