Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lazy Sunday.....

Just another lazy Sunday in our little world.... Mark and Keenan have headed out for a quick 9 holes at golf, Jorja is down for her nap and me... well finished most of the housework and now I'm just blog
Not much been going on.. Keenan has started school holidays. Grandma's funeral is been held on Wednesday.. We wont be able to fly up to say our goodbyes.. we will just have to say them from here.

Today i plan on doing some scrapping while sitting under my so cold here...see very i dont even know what to

so i will leave you with a couple more photos of my boy... taken the other day and i have also updated my photo blog with the shoot i had the other week... So pop over and check out how cute baby Zac is....

by for now..

take care



Katie Toland said...

well done connie. You did good :) Spunky boy you got there.

wendy said...

I LOVE that photo of Keenan's jeans-clad legs! It's awesome, looks like an ad.

Megan said...

Connie your photos are beautiful :-)

And I am so sorry to hear you have lost such a special lady....93 is a fabulous age, but the sorrow of losing her must still be so monumental.

Wonderful layouts in the last post too - congrats on the publications!

Megan xx