Thursday, August 09, 2007

This is going to be long....

so grab yourself a cuppa.. something to or in my case a nice cold glass of Coke Zero!!!

Iv'e been scrapping up a HUGE storm the last few days... All stuff for me.. no DT stuff at the moment...So i will share my creations at the end!!!

First lot of news... Our horse Flasy Dancer... is now retired...
Poor little sweet thing.. Her last race she ran (a few weeks back) she didnt pull up too well.. she has done her knee... so we decided to retire her and use her to breed with.. thats a whole other story..
But now this gives our boy a chance to show us what his His still un named but we hard leaning torwards Cut "n" Paste... He looks like some has put him His body's too big for his head and his legs are too skinny for his But in our eyes his oh so handsome.. and he really is a good looking boy.. We headed out to the farm on Sunday to say hello and give them both a cuddle...i took some photos but need to edit them.. will share another day!!
Jorja had a ball out at the farm.. riding the pony and collecting the eggs from the

Ok more a few weeks back i posted about some BIG news in our little family....Well... umm i feel i can share now.. but the details are all still going though... so anyway...
Mark's boss Mick.. gave us a pretty good offer about two months ago.. He has given us the opportunity to buy in on a BUTCHER shop with him...!!!
This is something Mark and i have dreamed about and wanted so badly for a while now.. our own business...but it was always out of reach as butcher shops are pretty pricey.. So when Mick rang us about a shop in Rowville we JUMPED at the chance..
So you guys are looking at the new owners of Rowville Meats.. well as of the 3rd of Sept only a few weeks to go!!

This is a huge step for us... a huge risk as any business is... but a risk we are willing to take.. to give our family everything we can.. Its going to be a lot of hard work, a lot of very long hours.. but i just know we can do this.. as a family!!

So if you live in the Rowville area.. make sure you pop in and say HI.....

Onto some i have had the best week... prize
I won a rak on the Arty Pants forum... Thanks Julie...very yummy a stamp and some yummy papers, ribbons, buttons... Then i won a rak on the D & S scrapbooking blog... a oh so yummy Cherry Arte paper pack.. two of each i might add and a very cool scrapbooking bag!!.. Thanks heaps Deb and Sally.. and then over at Sarah's blog i won a ever so cute Bee stamp.. thanks Sarah!!!
I have also been published again... not once but twice in the new issue of Scrapbook Creations... wooo hoooo... I have a project and a page in the gallery!!!

Ok here is what i have been creating this past week.....

first up i have alterted a wooden box.. not sure for what yet at the moment i have my Photo a day book in there....

And i have finially altered my wooden letter "c".. only one more to go... was waiting for some paper that i just fell in love with...the oh so yummy BG...mmmmmm

and now some layouts......

told you it was going to be
So if you have made it this far.. you have a chance of winning a little RAK from me!!
in honour of all the wonderful RAK'S i have won... So just leave me a comment and you are in the draw...I think i will draw it after Grey's on Sunday night.....

Thanks heaps for stopping by....
Dont forget to check out my photography.. here... and if you leave me a hello over there you get double entry into my little prize....LOL...

take care


ETA.. spell checker not had too many wines to check please forgive me!!.. its onlytaken me 3 hours to finish this post!!!!... chat soon....


jodee76 said...

That's ace news about the butcher shop and sorry to hear about your horse's injury.
I love your layout of jorja!

Amy Bland said...

Spooky! I brought a very similar looking box at rhe reject shop the other day but havn't gotten around to altering it yet(looks like you got in first!). Mine has little compartments inside though.
Love the layouts.

Mel GOodsell said...

That's a fabulous long post and congratulations on the butcher shop. I love these layouts and treasures on your blog - especially the Cool man layout, so so cool!

wendy treseder said...

Hi Connie,

Well aren't you the lucky one. Hopefully the "un named" horsey will be lucky for you too.

Love the LO's and the box is TDF!

Jody said...

Wow you have been busy, lovin your layouts gorgeous work as usual.

Sorry to hear about your GG, hope she enjoys her retirement.

Best of luck with your business....I bet you will be hosting the best BBQ's now.

Ros said...

Bummer about your horse... love the layouts but the one of Keenan is my fav!

Julie said...

Awesome pages and box Connie I love them all.

Congrats about the shop too.

Mel said...

Congrats on the shop :)

Fantastic LO's and OTP's.

Mel xoxo

susan j said...

Connie, I so love looking at your creations!! They are breathtaking!!

welcome to my world said...

hay babe love the layouts and the box just looks gorgious.
ok i beklieve i am the unluckiest person and never win anything so here i go with a new approach.. . . I DARE U TO PICK ME!
:) :)

Janet said...

OH WOW Connie, Congrats about the new business venture.. I hope all goes well for you and Mark..

As usual, your scrapping is incredible..talent plus!

kirsty said...

hi connie hope you are well you allways do the most beautiful layouts and these ones are no different best of luck to you and your hubby in your butcher shop i will have to come in and see you we need to catch up soon maybe see you at a crop night again

take care chat soon
kirsty xxxxxxxxxx

judee d said...

Congrats to the both owners of butchers shop. Hard work owning a shop hehehe. As Jodie and I know, but you two are hard workers so go for it with the love and pace you both put into life.
Sorry to hear of the horse but maybe on the breeding side we will see a little one pattering around soon. The stable i meant.
Lover the los.
Keep smiling and healthy

Leeanne O'C said...

All the best for your new business venture I'm sure it will be a huge sucess.
Love your layouts and box is just gorgeous.

C U Soon

Leeanne x

Sarah said...

Great news about the shop chicky and I love what you have done recently :P Have posted off your stamp :P

btw pick me hehehe

Sarah x