Saturday, August 18, 2007

where has the week GONE!!!

It only feels like last night i headed out the the Paper Doll crop night.. but it was last week!!...
What happened to this week...i'm not even really sure what i have done all

Anyway like i said went to the Paper Doll Friday night crop and only managed to do one too much chatting and laughing going over
I had a ball and i cant wait to do it again... even if i don't get any scrapping done!!!
so here is my layout from the crop.. a HUGE thanks to Will who gave those beautiful butterflies to complete my layouts... Thanks heaps Will your the BEST!!!!

That is all the scrapping i have done all pretty slack hay.. i still haven't even unpacked my stuff from the
This week i also had two more layouts picked up for SC... so excited!!.. so keep your eyes out!!

before i rush off to take Keenan to golf and then a birthday party i would like to introduce you to my new little scrap
Lady Annie the I made her all by myself.. with the help of Mel Goodsell who was ever so kind to GIVE me the pattern of the fairy after seeing it on her blog.. Thanks so much Mel.. i really love her...
so without further a

so sweet!!!

Oh yeah.. before i go i need some MAJOR help from my Blog friends... Jorja's birthday is coming up soon well November and i really want to get her a cabbage Patch Kid with the same birth date as her!!....
So next time you are in a toy shop.. any chance you could check for me and see if you can find a CPK with the birthday date Nov 8th...please pretty please.... I have been hunting for months now and have found the 7th and the 9th...grrrrr
Please don't go out of your way.. just if you happen to walk past a stand of CPK just have a little lookie for me.. thanks a bunch....
I brought her the Dora talking Kitchen yesterday in Frankston... so excited... i have hid it at Mum's place because im scared i will give it to her

Have a great weekend everyone...

take care



Amy Bland said...

That fairy is sooooo cute!

Im glad at least one of us finished a page at crop night *wink*.

I, like you, hadn't unpacked yet either, so I wheeled my supplies back to the car today and drove down to paper doll and sat there and scrapped. It was great, no mess at my house to clean up...YAY! And this time I finished an actual page. Yay again!

Leeanne O'C said...

OMG Connie that fairy is way to cute, and your layout is lovely as well it such a sweet photo of the both of them.

Hope to catch up with you again soon.

Take care
Leeanne x

Megan said...

Hi Connie,

I know how you feel about the week wizzing past....I'm still trying to catch up on things I started last weekend!!

Your layout is just beautiful - and yes, the butterflies finish it off perfectly.

Good luck with the CP hunting...I'll keep an eye open for you too :-)

Megan xx

welcome to my world said...

love the fairy. glad to see some one is as bad as me, i would give coby his pressies early too.
ill keep an eye out for the cabbage patch doll 4 you

Andrea Klaster said...

Wow, Connie. Your layout is just gorgeous. Love the fairy too. Just way too cute.

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie,
We deal with Toy Kingdom and they are going to look at the warehouse stock to see if there is any with the date for you. Your layout is lovely. I have trouble at crops getting things done, because as you know we also laugh and chatter too much
keep you posted on the CPD
Talk soon
Deb Ross

Karen said...

The butterflies were just perfect - fancy Will having them hidden in her wallet!
Love the fairy - I want to make one too!

Catch up soon

kirsty said...

hi connie have you tryed the cpd web site to see if there is a doll on that day i will keep a look out for you. Your pages are ace as always talk soon xx

Mel Goodsell said...

oooh found the fairy! She is sooo beautiful too, just so so good. Love her Connie :O)