Wednesday, October 03, 2007


My Gramps came home from hospital today... all your wonderful prayers have worked... still unsure what is wrong with him.. but it looks like the pace maker is now off the cards as his tablets are working fine...
I have yet to speck to him (wanted him to settle back in at home first) but i will give him a call in the morning.....
Thanks to everyone for your kind words...

Been a busy few days...Well with Gramps in Hospital.. i was keeping track of my Nanna.. ringing up making sure everything was alright... lucky my cousin Mel lives nice and close to her so she was able to help out heaps...Take Nanna to the hospital etc.... BTW Its Mel birthday today.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEL!!
And with heaps of shop stuff to still sort out.. banking, books, the company car (van)etc.. i woke up today and didn't know what day it
My Dad has also been unwell and has been put in home hospital care.. so also been worrying about him.. in between all that i done general housework, went shopping with my friend Nic... ( naughty me have to hide the CC bill next lunch today with Julie.
Tomorrow i plan on staying
I also have booked a trip for Marks family to come down from QLD for Christmas and New Year.. so excited about that... cant wait to see them all again..
and also started planning my engagement party.. Trying to get Mark to go with a his not too keen on that idea!!!
More on that later....
By the time i got home today i was stuffed... Jorja was hanging to go out side and play on her new gym thingy (well its not new.. it was Keenan's..and i just got it back.. lent it out ages
She loves it..... "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" is all she says the whole

so i will leave my very boring update with some quick snaps of Jorja playing... so NOT happy with these photos... i was shooting on a VERY high ISO (forgot to change it grrrrr) they pretty much came out well doesn't matter.. great for a page!!!

Love this one.. Jorja trying oh so hard to climb UP the

Hope all is well with everyone...

Take care... no scrapping to share.. maybe tomorrow... you never know i might get a chance to have a play....



Anonymous said...

Hi Connie,
Glad to hear that your Gramps is on the mend. Hope that your Dad gets better as well. It all comes at once.
I think theme parties are great, we have a group of friends that we always have themed parties or weekends, it is so much fun.
Happy Scrapping
Deb Ross

Julie said...

I to am glad to hear that your Gramps is getting better and hope that your dad does too.

Love the pics of Jorja.