Saturday, September 01, 2007

In Memory

of Princess Rani

" How very softly you tiptoed into our world
almost silently
only a moment you stayed
but what an imprint your tiny footprints
have left upon our hearts"

(this is is what is written on the back of the above card...)

Today i ask all my friends to light a candle in honour of beautiful Princess Rani and maybe offer a prayer.
Today i ask all my friends to put Mel and John in your hearts.
Today i ask all my friends to be thankful of what you have.

Mel and John... sending you and your family all my love and prayers on this day.
i love you guys....



Mel said...

Thank you sweetie

Mel xoxo

judee d said...

Mel and John,You are certainly in our hearts and so is little princess rani. She is soaring high and protecting all who loved her with her big bright colourful wings.
Keep smiling and healthy

welcome to my world said...

big hugs babe.