Monday, September 10, 2007

Its all in the bag.....

ETA.... Tuesday 11th... off on a little family holiday tomorrow... so i will see you all in a weeks time!!...So be safe and take care everyone.. and dont have too much fun while im gone!!!
ps.. Happy Birthday to Katie for today (tuesday 11th)...hope you had a great one!!!

Friday Keenan had the day off school so we boarded the train and headed into the Craft fair at Caulfield Race course.... Train you ask.. well the last time I went there (many years ago with my step Mum) we had trouble finding a car park.... this time no

I had a ball.. can't really say the kids did... Keenan was bored out of his brain so i gave him $10 top spend and he brought heaps of beads... Why you ask??... well his right into the "BLING BLING"
Jorja was really good.. just had enough of sitting the the pram.. We didn't stay all day.. just a couple of hours!!..
I mainly went for the fabric.... I have set myself a goal... To make Jorja a quilt for her bed... i have always loved handmade quilts..
Walking around and looking at all the wonderful art work made me panic a bit.. Oh how am i going to pull this I got talking to a lovely ladie at a quilt stall and she gave me heaps of pointers to get started... I ended up buying a handbag kit from her...
At another stall i brought a Santa kit to make for my Christmas dinning table...
See i was good didn't spend hardly any money.. for a

Saturday was just a blur.. caught up on heaps of housework in the morning.. Took Keenan to golf after lunch... bit of food shopping and then home where i decided to take the plunge and start making my
Well i ended up finishing her about 9pm that night... pretty proud of me.... i did STUFF UP BIG TIME the binding around the top of the bag (really bad) and i also made a bit of a HUGE mistake on the but hay its my first bag..
I have decided to use it as Jorja's nappy bag etc now.. i love it....

now don't laugh ok....

Sunday we headed up to the new shop... we ended up staying most of the day.. cleaning, making new tickets i re arranged the front counter etc... just to give it our special

Our weekend in pretty exciting hay....

Have a great week everyone!!!

take care



JULIE LOVE said...

Connie I think your bag looks FANTABULOUS!!!!! you have done an awesome job :0) and after seeing the colours you picked for your bag you are going to LOVE the cupcakes I picked for you today :0)


Will said...


I love it!!!!

judee d said...

Just love the bag Connie, you did good. It was great seeing you on Friday. Your little darling is just that still a darling. Your big boy is also just that a real boy.
Glad things are ok shop wise and all the little ends will soon be tied up.
Keep smiling and healthy

Melissa Goodsell said...

Connie, I really adore your bag, especially the pom pom thingies, they look cool! I really like your fabric choice too.

Karen said...

Love the bag Connie. I saw you at S&C Show but Em wouldn't let me leave her while she was spending her $10 for dad(on beads !)to say hi. Funny how I bought very little for myself - but she came back with more like $50 spend on her.

Megan said...

Connie I hope you are off having a wonderful time on your family break.

And I think that is the most gorgeous bag - if you hadn't told us you had made stuff ups, we seriously wouldn't have been able to tell! It looks sensational.

Megan xx

welcome to my world said...

have a ball connie